Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1637 4

    Chapter 1637 The Truth Behind The Fellows Parentage Part Five

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    Suddenly, a teen on a skateboard came flying towards them from Beibeis right, looking as though he had lost control. He shrieked in horror.

    Beibei heard his shrieks and turned around.

    He widened his mouth and eyes, and his face turned ghastly white.


    Su Yue screamed, looking shocked. But it was too late for her to do anything.

    The teen and his skateboard hit Beibei with a crash, and Beibeis head hit the stairs. He fainted on the spot.

    Beibei! Su Yue ran to Beibei and knelt down. She tried to lift him up.

    The right side of his head was bleeding. Su Yue shouted to arouse him, but his body remained motionless.

    Su Yue was flustered and she glanced at her helper for help.

    Ill call the ambulance. The helper put Xiaojiao on the ground and whipped out her phone.

    Brother Brother

    Su Xiaojiao stood beside Su Yue and held Beibeis hand ever so tightly. She sobbed as she stared at Beibei.

    Her tears fell on her lap.

    She quickly wiped them away as she asked, Mommy, what happened to Brother?

    Su Yue became more flustered when she saw her crying. She softly replied, Xiaojiao, dont cry. He hit his head and its painful. He is sleeping now, so lets be quiet and not disturb him.

    The ambulance came and they went to the hospital along with the teen.

    The paramedics administered first aid to Beibei, but he remained unconscious.

    Su Yue was terrified and worried.

    How she prayed that nothing would happen to the brain of a clever boy like him.

    How is he, doctor?

    Beibeis CT results came out, and Su Yue watched the doctor in sheer anxiousness.

    The doctor replied, He had a serious brain concussion and he needs to stay for observation.

    Serious brain concussion!

    Su Yue had no idea what a brain concussion would entail. She anxiously gripped the desk and she swallowed her saliva.

    Her heart was in her mouth as she asked apprehensively. Then will it affect him in the future? Will there be any damage to his brain? Will there be a blood clot in his brain? Will his life be in danger?

    She unconsciously tightened her grip on the desk.

    Please calm down first. The doctor realized that Su Yue was overreacting and he smiled gently. Once he recovers from the brain concussion, he would be fine. Dont worry.

    Su Yue nodded. Okay, thank you.

    She slumped back and exhaled deeply.

    Her worries and fear gradually faded away.

    The doctor gave her a reassuring smile and she managed a tiny one back.

    They transferred the little fellow to a ward. His head was bandaged, and he was still unconscious.

    Su Yue sat down beside the bed and furrowed her eyebrows. She studied his face with a worried expression.

    She needed to inform his daddy about his situation.


    Su Yue sighed helplessly to herself. She found Beibeis phone and dialed Ming Anshengs number.

    She pressed to call him.

    The line got through and a familiar mans voice greeted her ears.

    What report do you have to update today?

    Ming Ansheng asked in a drawl, as he had expected Beibei on the other line.

    What report did he have to update?