Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1636

    Chapter 1636 The Truth Behind The Fellows Parentage Part Four

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    Beibei went with the helper to fetch Xiaojiao.

    Su Yue nodded. Okay.

    Although this fellow had made her go berserk these few days, he had indeed helped her by accompanying Xiaojiao. She planned to bring him out for dinner and a movie before sending him away.

    His holidays were coming to an end, and he should go back to school.

    She chose a mall that had a cinema and a selection of restaurants.

    For fear that she could not cope with two children, she brought the helper along.

    Let me peel the prawns for you.

    Beibei took care of Xiaojiao throughout the entire dinner. He peeled prawns for her and scooped the food onto her plate.

    He had just finished peeling a prawn and he fed it into Xiaojiaos mouth. Xiaojiao chewed the prawn with a huge smile. Thank you, Brother.

    Beibei glanced at Xiaojiao with an affectionate smile. Let me peel one more for you.

    He picked up another and started peeling.

    Su Yue quietly gazed at them. A big and a small child; a boy and a girl. A wave of bliss and contentment washed over her.

    Was it because they were related by blood?

    Beibei had finished peeling another prawn and he wanted to let Xiaojiao eat it.

    Su Yue suddenly cut across. Beibei, Ill peel for her. You can eat that prawn.

    She extended her hand and placed two slices of meat into Beibeis bowl. Eat more meat so that you will grow stronger.

    Thank you, Aunt Goddess. Her gesture had overwhelmed Beibei that he happily thanked her. He immediately popped the meat inside his mouth.

    Su Yue curled her lips into a smile and there was a trace of subtle affection.

    Today, my future stepmother brought me out for dinner and placed food on my plate. Someone must be jealous and angry right now. Hmph!

    When they came out of the cinema, Beibei deliberately slowed down and trailed behind Su Yue and Xiaojiao. He took a photo of them and posted it on WeChat.

    Thatsomeonewas having a video conference meeting in the study. He was browsing through his phone as he listened to some of his head of departments reporting about unimportant matters.

    He read Beibeis update and his face darkened. He almost puked out a mouthful of blood.

    This fellow!

    He typed,I even slept on the same bed as her and ate from the same bowl!

    He felt that his reply sounded too odd.

    And why was he competing with a child?

    And what did he say

    Slept on the same bed?

    Ming Ansheng hastily deleted his reply.

    But Beibei had already read it, and he typed,Daddy, where are your moral values? Im still a kid. Dont lead me astray.

    So, he was aware that he was still a child?

    Ming Ansheng sneered in disdain and ignored Beibei.

    He held his phone in his hand and used the other hand to prop against his forehead. A smile crept across his face.

    Seemed like it wasnt absolutely impossible for her to accept Beibei?

    Ming Ansheng, if you knew this would happen, why did you allow her to undergo so many hardships?

    Hurry up, stop using your phone. Su Yue held Xiaojiaos hand as they walked down the stairs.

    She turned her head and realized that Beibei seemed engrossed with his phone.

    Im coming!

    Beibei stowed his phone away and ran to Su Yue.

    Be careful. Excuse me!