Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1635

    Chapter 1635 The Truth Behind The Fellows Parentage Part Three

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    Easy Foreign Purchases replied,Our store sells all slow-moving products. I cant be sure if its fresh, but it will be within the expiry date.

    When Will The Bright Moon Arrive was speechless

    Su Yue was exasperated!

    She wanted to roar at Ming Beichen and strangle him.

    She would ship everything directly from China to the customers, so why would her items be out of stock?

    Her store sells all slow-moving products?!

    This fellow was too much, and she needed to vent her frustration.

    Su Yue twisted her neck and bellowed, Beibei, come here!

    Beibei put his pencil down and strode quickly to hislittle mommy.

    Tell me what is this all about? Su Yue pointed to the screen with the conversation history between Beibei andWhen Will The Bright Moon Arrive.

    But she couldnt understand why this fellow was so cold towards this particular customer? He had been very courteous towards the rest.

    Beibei frowned and pursed his lips. I dont like this person.

    He didnt like this person?

    Su Yue suppressed her boiling anger and hissed, Tell me why.

    He seems like he is trying to win your favor. And his first line sounds so weird. Beibei cast a contemptuous look at the screen. He said he wanted to buy more for his superiors. Isnt that a bribe? There is something wrong with this persons character. Maybe he is trying to win your favor.

    Su Yue was speechless

    Why didnt she share the same sentiment? He was trying to win her favor?

    She couldnt detect any of that in this persons words. Even if this person really tried to, he or she must have hoped for an amicable relationship to get a better bargain.

    How could Beibei conclude about this persons character based on a conversation?

    He was the person who had a problem.

    A young boy like him was concerned about adults affairs, and he was way too mature for his age.

    She questioned him, Didnt I instruct you not to touch my laptop?

    Beibei bowed his head and earnestly said, There wont be a second time.

    If there is, I wont care even if you sleep in the streets. Su Yue turned towards the screen, without a second look at Beibei.

    Little Young Master Ming knew that he had a close shave, and he smirked slyly to himself.

    Her online store business prevented Su Yue from going to school for she was replying to orders for four days in a row. She seemed glued to the screen for at least more than half of the day.

    Even though she was tired, she felt a sense of achievement.

    She was pleased with herself.

    When she counted the number of orders she had received, she felt a sense of accomplishment, just like the first time she learned how to cook. She was so proud of herself to see a table of the dishes she had cooked.


    Su Xiaojiao came home and darted right towards Su Yue even without putting her bag down. I want a movie.

    Su Yue gave her a kiss on her forehead and smiled. I will help you to keep your bag first before we watch a movie.

    She had been too busy these few days and finally, she could take a breather. When she coaxed her to sleep yesterday, she promised Xiaojiao to bring her for a movie.

    I want Brother to go with us. Su Xiaojiao pointed at Beibei who had just entered.