Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1634

    Chapter 1634 The Truth Behind The Fellows Parentage Part Two

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    Sure. Beibei nodded.

    He pulled a tissue and gracefully dabbed his mouth. Aunt, Im going to do my homework. When Xiaojiao gets home, I will play with her for a while before I teach her how to draw.

    To win his stepmothers heart, he must first win her daughter over.

    Beibei leaped from the chair and strode to the couch. He unzipped his bag.

    He took out his homework and began to do it.

    Su Yue soundlessly widened her mouth.

    She had merely brought him back because she felt that he was pitiful. Did she promise to let him stay at her place?

    But at the sight of him doing his homework so seriously, she couldnt help but think of his diary. This poor boy had lost his mother, and his father didnt give him any attention or love.

    Su Yue sighed quietly to herself.

    Forget it, he can continue to stay here since Xiaojiao seemed to enjoy his company. Besides, she was busy and didnt have much time for her.

    Su Yue left Beibei alone and went to settle her work.

    After a quick meal, she went back to replying to those orders.

    Her hands were getting tired.

    She took a toilet break and walked out with a glass of water. She turned around

    What are you doing?

    Little Young Master Ming sat in front of her laptop and was typing away. As though he really knew how to.

    She shrieked and ran to him.

    You have so many orders. I can help you to reply. Beibei pointed to the screen with an innocent expression.

    This fellow!

    He was chatting with her customers.

    Su Yue frowned and nudged Beibei. Go away.

    Beibei sprang to his feet and put on a fawning smile. Dont be mad at me. I simply thought that you looked tired. Thats why I wanted to help.

    Su Yue had no retort for that and her attitude softened. Youre a child. What do you know? Go and watch TV.

    Why did he have to be so sensible and mature?

    He didnt seem like a child. A boy of his age should be playing video games or using his phone. Why did he worry about such matters?

    Beibei obeyed Su Yue and walked away.

    Su Yue sat down and she clicked on the conversation history he had with the customers.

    To her surprise, Beibei helped her to reply to several messages.

    But wait. What was his reply about?

    When Will The Bright Moon Arrive typed, Dear, previously I bought items from your store and my colleagues all loved it. I saw your advertisement and Im hoping to buy more to give to my colleague and superiors.

    Easy Foreign Purchases replied,Haha. Really?

    Haha. Really?

    Why did his reply sound so cold and sinister?

    Su Yue raised her eyebrows and continued reading.

    When Will The Bright Moon Arrive typed,Yeah. I want to buy more. I even introduced your store to my friends.

    Easy Foreign Purchases replied, Dear, youre too helpful. What would you like to buy? But most of our products are out of stock. We will need a month before we will receive the products.

    When Will The Bright Moon Arrive asked,Out of stock? Why did this happen?

    Easy Foreign Purchases replied,Yeah, out of stock. Do you still want to buy?

    When Will The Bright Moon Arrive typed,Sure. You can send me any time. As long as the products are within the expiry date. But I believe that you will give me the best.