Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1633

    Chapter 1633 The Truth Behind The Childs Parentage Part One

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    Su Yue was flabbergasted by what her helper said. What?!

    That neighbor whom she had never met, bought clothes for Xiaojiao again?

    Was that person doing a charity business?

    Su Yue began to get suspicious. Aunty, is the owner at home now?

    Her helper nodded.

    Ill pay the owner a visit. He has been giving Xiaojiao too many snacks and now even clothes. I feel bad.

    Su Yue put her chopsticks down and stood up.

    Her helper gripped her arm and smiled. Its really nothing.

    Ill go over for a while. Su Yue pulled her arm away in determination.

    She changed into her shoes and opened the door.

    Her helper didnt stop her this time.

    The weather was dropping in N City. Su Yue put a thin shirt over her shirt, and she stuffed her hands inside her pockets.

    A light breeze blew at her hair. Su Yue tucked some strands behind her ears.

    She got to the steps and walked to the road. She made a turn to go to unit 520.

    She passed by a huge tree, and she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

    She froze momentarily before turning around. Why are you here?

    Who could it be other than little Young Master Ming who Su Yue had chased away?

    I dont have money or my phone with me. I cant find my daddy, Beibei uttered as he bowed his head.

    His pitiful state softened her heart.

    Oh my god! Had he been standing here for the whole day?

    A pang of guilt struck Su Yue and she walked to Beibei. Then why didnt you come back for your bag and phone?

    If someone witnessed this, they were bound to think that she was a callous woman for chasing a child away.

    I dont want to make little mommy angry, replied Beibei in a hushed voice.

    Stop calling me that. Just address me as Sister. Su Yue corrected him and held his hand. Go inside for a bite.

    She led him back towards her house.

    A smile appeared on Beibeis face and his eyes were sparkling with emotion.

    Hmph!He knew he was more efficient than his daddy.

    Su Yue brought Beibei back and got her helper to cook noodles for him.

    He polished off the entire bowl and drank all the soup. He even licked the bowl.

    Su Yue sat across him and furrowed her eyebrows. She felt that he was being too dramatic.

    Was he really that hungry?

    But in hindsight, it had been eight hours since she chased him out. Anyone would be hungry, not to mention a child.

    Aunt. Beibei glanced at Su Yue.

    Su Yue frowned and warned Beibei, Dont address me as Aunt.

    She was only 14 years older than him.

    Beibei instantly corrected himself. Hmmm Goddess?

    Goddess?Why would he know about a goddess?

    And being called a goddess by a child sounded weird.

    Su Yue furrowed her eyebrows tightly to express her displeasure.

    Beibei pouted. I cant call you Sister. If not, Xiaojiao would have to call me as Uncle. Xiaojiao also calls my daddy Uncle. Its so confusing.

    Su Yue was speechless

    This little fellow was so meticulous and sensitive.

    But it really sounded complicated. After all, Xiaojiao and he were siblings.

    She conceded defeat. Alright, call me as Aunt then.