Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1632

    Chapter 1632 A Handsome And Wealthy Ambassador Part Four

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    She was just like Beibei when she was a child. How she wished that her mother would come and take her away.

    She would be contented with just seeing her face. But gradually, she went from wishing she could see her once a day, to once a week, and once a month


    Her heart went out to Beibei, as she could fully comprehend how Beibei felt at that time when he wrote in his diary.

    Su Yue sighed deeply as she continued to read his entries.

    His handwriting improved and so did his command of language.

    She began to understand why Beibei was so mature and sensible for his age.

    He had been trying so hard to excel in all aspects. He thought that Ming Ansheng would notice him if he did.

    She soon realized that Beibei and Jiao Chen were alike.

    They were both very positive and always strive for the best.

    She was the one who had wallowed in self-misery and gave up on herself.

    Daddy smokes every day and Grandmother is always worried. She is afraid that he might fall ill because of smoking too much. I have to think of a way to stop Daddy from smoking so much. I dont have Mommy with me anymore, so I cant let Daddy die.

    Su Yue felt as if his words had just gripped her heart.

    I dont have Mommy with me anymore, so I cant let Daddy die

    Su Yue thought to herself,Ming Ansheng, since youve brought him back to your family, you should take good care of your son. How could you allow him to live with such insecurity?

    She started to empathize with Beibei even more.

    Today, I overheard Grandmother saying that a woman that Daddy loved didnt want him anymore. Even though I was angry with Daddy as he abandoned Mommy. Jiajia told me that my mommy is already dead. So Daddy will find me a new mommy. Daddy will be so pitiful if he is alone. So I think Daddy should like another woman.

    So the reason Daddy smokes so much is because of a woman. The Internet says that men smoke because they are troubled over women or money. Daddy is so rich, so he must be troubled because of a woman. I feel that Daddy should go to Country M to look for the woman who had bewitched him. I heard from Grandmother that Daddy only likes that woman and he refused all the rest.

    A woman who bewitched him?

    Was it her?

    Su Yue smiled lightly.

    She continued to read his entries and Beibei mentioned her repeatedly. He had written ideas on how his Daddy should woo her.

    Su Yue closed the diary and smiled to herself.

    She kept the diary inside his bag.

    She glanced at the windows. That boy had been gone for about six hours. He should be with his daddy by now.

    Anyway, its quite safe for children in Country M.

    Su Yue tried to appease her conscience before heading to the kitchen to get some food.

    But she couldnt stop worrying about Beibeis whereabouts.

    Suddenly, the door swung open. Her helper was back.

    She had a huge bag in her hand.

    Su Yue asked, Aunty, what did you bring back this time?

    For the past month, her helper had brought stuff back and it was mainly snacks.

    Her helper grinned. The owner next door came back today and brought some traditional costumes for Xiaojiao from Country T. It looks really nice.