Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1631

    Chapter 1631 A Handsome And Wealthy Ambassador Part Three

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    Beibei grinned from ear to ear. I asked my classmates daddy to help me with the photo and design. Its nice, right?

    Su Yue remained mum, so he pressed on, My classmates daddy is a famous graphic designer.

    Su Yue finally cut across him. Leave my house now.

    She pointed at the door as she calmly said that. She restrained her temper since he was still a boy.

    Beibei became a little fearful as he sensed Su Yues anger. He rose and ran to Su Yue. Little mommy, dont be angry.

    Go away!

    Su Yue bellowed and Beibei froze from a distance away. He halted his footsteps.

    He shrunk his neck and grunted in response.

    He turned towards the door and unwillingly dragged his feet.

    Su Yue didnt bother to look at him, and she turned around. She stared at the man on the screen with a frown.

    She sighed helplessly to herself.

    Anyway, this advertisement was only for a day and it was too late for changes.

    Her sales began to flood in because of the advertisement.

    She couldnt handle it and had trouble replying to every message.

    Finally, in the late afternoon, she gave up because her stomach had grumbled. She switched off her laptop and stood up.

    She halted her footsteps when she walked past the coffee table.

    This fellow!

    Beibeis bag and homework were left behind. She walked towards it with a frown and stretched her hand to pick it up.

    She caught a glimpse of Beibeis homework and was surprised to see how neat his handwriting was.

    His handwriting was tidy, yet anyone could tell it belonged to a child.

    A family like his would have hired the best tutors and teachers to make sure that he had the best education. So he should have excelled in everything.

    Nuoxing and Wenxin had just started learning piano and they had already surpassed her.

    She closed Beibeis book and spotted his bag. She unzipped it.

    She glanced inside and saw a thick notebook. She pulled the notebook out of the bag.

    She flipped the book.

    The first page was an entry from two years ago. He added a smiley face.

    Su Yues mouth curled up when she saw it.

    What was this? His diary?

    Su Yue was hesitant about reading it.

    But curiosity won in the end. She flipped to another page.

    His handwriting wasnt so neat back then and it was worlds apart from now.

    This boy seemed to have put in a tremendous effort to improve his handwriting.

    My daddy doesnt really like me. Every time I call him, he only grunted in response. I havent seen him in days and finally, he is back today. I wanted him to hug me, but he didnt really talk to me. Why doesnt my daddy like me? Im so sad.

    He drew a sad face at the end.

    His entries were very short, but every one of them was related to Ming Ansheng.

    His mommy was gone, so he should treat his son better!

    Su Yue frowned as she stared at Beibeis diary.

    This young boy had yearned for his parents to love him. Why couldnt his father do so?