Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1630

    Chapter 1630 A Handsome And Wealthy Ambassador Part Two

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    Suddenly, Beibei licked and smacked his lips. The sounds he made jolted Su Yue back to her senses.

    Beibei flipped his body around. Su Yue quietly picked up a blanket and covered him.

    The couch was big enough to accommodate him. And he couldnt blame her for choosing to sleep on the couch since he was bent on staying here for the night.

    Su Yue felt bad when she saw the boy sleeping on the couch. Although she convinced herself otherwise moments later.

    She yawned and turned around to head back to her room.

    The boy abruptly opened his eyes and he grinned slyly to himself.

    Su Yue planned for the advertisement campaign according to Chinas public holidays.

    The moment Su Yue opened her eyes, she turned on her laptop to check on the advertisement campaign.

    When she clicked on the website, the first thing she saw on the front page was the listings.

    She clicked on it, and it featured her online store. However

    Why was Bright Visions President Ming Ansheng recommending a product?

    And it included Ming Anshengs photo?!

    Su Yues face was so close to the screen, and her jaw had dropped. She blinked repeatedly at the screen in disbelief and wondered if she had entered the wrong website.

    But the name of her online store Easy Foreign Purchaseswas indeed featured.

    What was happening?

    She had confirmed the design with her designer yesterday?

    Why did they change her original one?

    Little mommy, what are you looking at?

    Ming Beichens head popped out of nowhere.

    He glanced at the laptop screen and exclaimed with a gasp. Wow! My daddy is really good-looking.

    Su Yue was speechless

    She glanced askew at Ming Beichen with a trace of suspicion.

    Beibei ignored her expression and beamed happily. Little mommy, it was a wise decision to get my daddy to be your ambassador.

    He pressed on, But my daddy is really nice to you. He is such a busy President of the company, but he is still willing to do this for you. Furthermore, its really touching that he used his photo for your mass campaign.

    Su Yue was speechless

    She really felt like taping this boys mouth.

    Why did she have a hunch that Beibei had something to do with this?

    But he was merely a child

    Su Yue felt glum as she had no idea what had happened. She decided to ask the person-in-charge.

    She dialed the persons number right away.

    When she hung up, she quickly searched for the chat conversation they had. Her face instantly darkened.

    She turned and glared at the boy, who had already fled to the couch. He appeared to be doing his homework.

    Rascal! Did you touch my laptop?

    But would a child be smart enough to know so much?

    But other than him, there wasnt anyone else. Who else could it be?

    She had used this laptop to confirm the edited advertisement campaign. And if someone tried to use another device to log in to her account, she would receive a text notification.

    I did. Ming Beichen was very honest, so he nodded.

    He wasnt in the least afraid at all.

    Su Yue was about to lash out at him when Ming Beichen interjected. I used quite some time to figure out how to send a message.

    He really did have a hard time.

    Su Yue sneered coldly, and she waited quietly for Beibei to continue.