Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1629

    Chapter 1629 A Handsome And Wealthy Ambassador Part One

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    Beibei immediately clammed up when he realized that Su Yue was really angry. He murmured softly to himself before he swiftly turned around.

    Su Yue finally got her peace and went back to the swing chair with her laptop.

    The designer sent her the edited version of the poster. She took a quick glance, but she felt that it was too boring since it was only filled with pictures of food and words.

    You can get an ambassador

    Beibeis words floated into Su Yues ears.

    An ambassador This seemed like a good idea. But who should she choose?

    She cant possibly hire those popular celebrities. Even if she could, she wouldnt have enough time.

    How about her third brother?

    Su Yues eyes lit up.

    Even if Third Brother wasnt Flourish & Prospers President, his looks alone would make her advertisement more attractive.

    She picked up her phone and dialed Xuxus number.

    She shared with Xuxu about her idea. But Xuxu shut her down even without asking Yan Rusheng. She said it was impossible.

    Knowing Yan Rusheng, there was no way he would have agreed.

    If she tried to ask, she would have suffered the wrath of his vicious tongue.

    How could she ask him to flaunt his looks for the sake of an online store?

    He could earn a years worth of profits from the online store, with the time taken to take the photos.

    He would have mercilessly rejected her with excuses like that.

    Su Yue agreed with Xuxu wholeheartedly.

    She hung up and heaved a heavy sigh.

    Seemed like this idea wasnt feasible.

    She cast away this idea and decided to go ahead with the original poster.

    When are you going back?

    Su Yue glanced outside and realized that the sun was setting. She asked Beibei who was watching TV with Xiaojiao.

    Beibei replied, I will go back after my holidays have ended.

    Su Yue said, You cant stay here.

    I can sleep on the couch since Im so small. Beibei immediately laid down to make his point. Look! Someone else can still sleep with me here.

    Su Yue was speechless

    This fellow was really a rascal.

    His personality was the opposite of Ming Anshengs.

    Mommy, I want Brother to play with me. Su Xiaojiao suddenly cut across and raised her head at Su Yue. She clung onto Beibeis leg.

    She refused to let Su Yue chase Beibei away.

    Su Yue gazed at the two of them. A big and a small childa boy and a girl.

    She turned around towards the kitchen.

    Mommy agreed! Su Xiaojiao exclaimed happily.

    Beibei gave her a thumbs up. Xiaojiao is great.

    Beibei and Su Xiaojiao continued watching cartoons. After an hour, Su Yue carried Xiaojiao against her will and forced her to go back to her room.

    Xiaojiao resisted, but Su Yue threatened to send Beibei away if she doesnt sleep. The girl immediately stopped protesting.

    After Su Xiaojiao fell asleep, Su Yue came out of her room. The boy had changed into grayish floral pajamas, and he was already fast asleep.

    Su Yue sauntered across the room. She stood next to the sofa as she studied the boys features.

    He really resembled Meiduo and only looked a little like Ming Ansheng.