Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1628

    Chapter 1628 Future Stepmother Part Ten

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    I came to Country M to look for you. Dont chase me away. Beibei spread his arms and embraced Su Yue.

    He may be a boy, but he was quite strong. Su Yue used a considerable amount of effort to push him away.

    She moved away from him to set a distance between. She furrowed her eyebrows and glared at the boy. What are you doing?

    Alright, little mommy. Im here to visit you and Xiaojiao. I have no other intentions.

    He had revealed his hidden intentions!

    She didnt ask why he was here.

    Su Yue replied, Go look for your daddy. Im busy and I have no time to take care of you.

    Beibei sighed. My daddy is even busier. He is working so he got the chauffeur to send me here. He is meeting a client.

    Then get your chauffeur to send you to your daddy.

    But I sent the chauffeur away.

    Su Yue was exasperated. Why was this fellow like a sticky plaster? How would she be able to chase him away?

    Beibei earnestly shook his head. I dont need you to take care of me. You have a helper, right? Just give me food, then Ill be fine.

    He paused and added, If you dont have food, we can head out to eat. Or we can call for food delivery?

    This boy was only eight years old, why was he so good with words?

    Su Yue glared at Beibei with a frown on her lips. Ask your daddy to fetch you quickly. I wont let you stay here.

    She stood up and walked to the balcony. Earlier on, she was in the midst of a discussion with the designer to edit her advertisement.

    Su Yue walked to the swing chair and was about to sit down when Beibeis voice interrupted her. Little mommy, are you eager to meet my daddy?

    Su Yues face fell.

    But she didnt bicker with him. Time was tight and she shouldnt waste time on him. She could do it later after she had completed her work.

    Su Yue ignored Beibei and placed her laptop on her lap. The designer had sent her messages and Su Yue replied quickly.Sorry. I have a visitor just now. We can continue now.

    They resumed their discussion.

    Little mommy, what are you doing?

    Beibei abruptly popped up behind her swing chair and it gave Su Yue quite a shock. Beibei glanced at her laptop screen. Are you doing an advertisement?

    Su Yue coldly replied, Go away.

    Why was this child so annoying?

    Beibei ignored Su Yues expression and continued. Little mommy, you can hire an ambassador.

    What do you know? Go away. Su Yue was getting annoyed and she shoved Beibei away.

    But she didnt exert too much strength since he was a child.

    Beibei refused to budge and he grabbed the handles of the chair. He solemnly gazed at Su Yue. Im serious. Look at those shampoos and makeup brands. Their sales are good because they hired ambassadors.

    Su Yue was quiet, so he carried on. You can hire my daddy. He is famous in China. Or hire me? Im famous in school as Im the top student in Flourish & Splendor.

    Su Yue put the laptop down and rose angrily. Could you just stop talking for a minute!