Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1627 1

    Chapter 1627 Future Stepmother Part Nine

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    Beibei brightly beamed. Dont worry. Ive already asked Uncle Li Yang to prepare everything for me.

    It startled Ming Ansheng. Li Yang?

    When was he that close to his secretary?

    And Li Yang didnt seek approval from him before he processed Beibeis papers.

    Oh, god. He really underestimated this boys intelligence and ability.

    Beibei nodded vigorously.

    My Secretary, Li Yang? Ming Ansheng raised his eyebrows.

    Beibei nodded. Yes.

    Excellent. Ming Ansheng clenched his teeth with a murderous look.

    Please, daddy. Beibei transformed into a docile bunny, and he clung onto Ming Anshengs arm as he pleaded.

    Ming Anshengs mouth twitched a little as he was trying to suppress a grin. His expression remained stoic.

    He sternly warned, If you dont listen to me, Ill send you back right away.

    Okay! Daddy, you finally allowed me to go. This is great! Beibei leaped in joy and he hugged Ming Ansheng tightly. Then he gave him a kiss on his cheek. Daddy is the best! proclaimed Beibei loudly.

    He must have been looking forward to going abroad. Look how excited he is.

    Ming Ansheng shook his head, looking amused.

    He raised his hand and touched his cheek where Beibei had just kissed him.

    He caught Beibeis eye and he smiled at him.

    Ding dong, ding dong!

    Su Yue didnt have classes that day, so she stayed home. She was still thinking of what to write for her advertisement, which would be published tomorrow.

    Her helper left with Xiaojiao a bit earlier on. The doorbell rang several times.

    The doorbell sounded as if it was urgent. Su Yue frowned, looking annoyed.

    Who was this person!

    She opened the door and her eyes were huge with shock.

    Little mommy, its been a long time! Beibei craned his neck and fluttered his eyelashes at Su Yue.

    Little mommy?Su Yue didnt approve of how he addressed him and she frowned. Why are you here?

    I miss you so I came here. And its holidays for me too. Beibei simply entered the house without waiting for Su Yues invitation. He sneaked past Su Yue.

    He surveyed the house and the surroundings quietly. He turned around to Su Yue. Where is little Xiaojiao? Is she in school?

    As he spoke, he walked to the couch and put his bag on the floor. He sat down, picked up a banana and began to peel it.

    This fellow didnt treat himself as an outsider at all.

    She may not welcome his presence, but he was, after all, a child. And Su Yue remembered that he had lost his mother.

    She settled down next to Beibei. Are you here alone?

    Yup. I boarded the plane all by myself, Beibei answered with a mouthful of banana. He then nodded. Im so tired and I didnt eat at all. I rushed here to meet you, little mommy.

    His mouth was full of banana so he couldnt speak properly. Su Yues eyes were watching his bright eyes as he looked around.

    She knew he was full of tricks.

    She certainly didnt believe that he came here alone. He was only a boy, so his family wouldnt allow him to do so.

    And he even managed to locate her address.

    Or you assumed that my daddy is here with me? Beibei grinned and raised his eyebrows cheekily.

    Su Yue rolled her eyes and ignored his remark. Finish this banana and get going.