Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1626 1

    Chapter 1626 Future Stepmother Part Eight

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    Beibei tore the wrapper and showed it to Ming Ansheng.

    Ming Ansheng eyed the ice cream with a frown. He took a careful sip, and he looked as though he was drinking poison.

    He smacked his lips and his eyes gleamed brightly.

    Beibei opened his mouth and stared at Ming Ansheng with anticipation.

    Daddy, it tastes good right? Little Xiaojiao will love it, right? He tugged at Ming Anshengs arm excitedly.

    This taste Ming Ansheng took another sip of the special ice cream through the straw and licked his lips. Its not bad.

    He continued drinking.

    That little glutton would definitely love it.

    Ming Ansheng visualized Su Xiaojiaos ice cream-smeared mouth. She looked so adorable

    He burst out into a soft giggle.

    He was still sucking on the straw with a bright grin and an affectionate smile.

    Beibei knitted his eyebrows as he scrutinized Ming Ansheng. Daddy, are you daydreaming?

    Ming Ansheng hastily rearranged his features and then glared at the fellow. Who sent you here?

    The chauffeur. Beibei made himself comfortable on the leather couch, and he happily swung his legs.

    Go back. Ming Ansheng barked an order and he looked stern.

    He began to suck the ice cream once more as he nodded with approval at the taste.

    I dont have a class for the next few days. Cant you just bring me along? I can take care of little Xiaojiao. Beibei clung tightly to Ming Anshengs arm and pleaded. I really can help you, and I will help you to save time and effort. Daddy, trust me please.

    Ha ha Ming Ansheng laughed coldly.

    Beibei frowned and he looked upset. Daddy, why do you always laugh in this way?

    He distinctly felt that he was being despised and looked down on.

    Why did his daddy laugh in such a weird way?

    Yeah, Beibei is right. Why did I laugh in that way?Ming Ansheng thought to himself.

    This seemed to be Lu Huanyans habit of expressing her disdain for someone. She would always laugh in this way and it made people go crazy.

    F*ck! The little lass had influenced him!

    A crease appeared in the middle of Ming Anshengs eyebrows, and he turned sullen. He glanced at Beibei. Go back home.

    Daddy, if you have Xiaojiao and stepmother in the future, you wont like me anymore, right? Beibei pursed his lips, looking sad.

    Ming Ansheng was stunned!

    He had assumed that this boy wouldnt be worried about this at all.

    He cast him a look and stiffly said, Dont be silly.

    He continued to suck at the ice cream, but he had already finished it.

    If my stepmother ill-treats me in the future, will you protect me? Beibei widened his huge eyes and stared unblinkingly at Ming Ansheng. He looked like an adorable and innocent puppy.

    What nonsense are you talking about? Ming Ansheng prodded Beibeis forehead and added, Su Yue is very kind. Dont think of her in such a way.

    Beibei asked, So I cant even think of it?

    Yes! Ming Ansheng nodded firmly. You cant.

    Beibei nodded. Alright. Little stepmother will be my goddess.

    Ming Ansheng glared at him. Dont add the word little.

    It was as though he sounded really old.

    Beibei eagerly nodded like a little hen pecking for food on the ground.

    The staff came in and said, President Ming, its time to board.

    Got it. Ming Ansheng glanced at Beibei and said, You dont have a ticket. Im going to go on board now.