Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1624 9

    Chapter 1624 Future Stepmother Part Six

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    Xuxu frowned. What are you laughing about?

    Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrow. It couldnt be anyone else other than Su Yan?

    Tch. Xuxu glared at him. It couldnt have been you for sure. Youre not that thoughtful.

    Young Master Yan absolutely disagreed with her statement. Did he really treat that young lass badly

    He bit back, Ha. Your intelligence is declining.

    You mean, its Ming Ansheng? Xuxu suddenly thought of him, her eyes widening.

    Yan Rusheng rolled his eyes disdainfully before replying, Who else would be so cowardly? He only knows how to act behind ones back.

    What was obviously a romantic and touching gesture was perceived as an act of cowardice by Yan Rusheng.

    Xuxu was speechless. Who was the one who warned him not to cling to his sister or else he would cut off all ties with him?

    Yan Rusheng smirked coolly. Anyone other than you are insignificant to me.

    Xuxu felt like she had just eaten honey.

    The sentence was in actual fact, unbecoming, but it was his way of sweet-talking.

    In fact, all of his sweet nothings were considered despicable to anyone else who heard it.

    Xuxu didnt know what to say.

    She understood what he meant:No amount of threat could stop him from loving her. So, Ming Ansheng didnt try hard enough.

    And indeed, if it were Yan Rusheng instead, they probably wouldnt have taken such an arduous and tedious road.

    But at the end of the day, he wasnt Yan Rusheng. His family and upbringing were different, and the kind of struggles he was facing was different as well.

    From a logical standpoint, she pitied Ming Ansheng.

    He was almost thirty, with a son and a daughter who didnt know of his existence.

    Aish. She exhaled.

    Youre taking pity on another man?

    Yan Rusheng warned maliciously.

    Xuxu frowned. How did you know?

    Seeing that Xuxu didnt deny it, Yan Rusheng gritted his teeth. Wen Xuxu, youre going to the coastal holiday resort with me tonight.

    No. Xuxu rejected without hesitation. She pouted and said, Ive promised to bring Wenxin and Nuoxing to watch a movie.

    Stand them up, Yan Rusheng replied.

    Xuxu looked contemptuously at him. Theyre your biological children, for goodness sake.

    Stand them up? Even if he didnt bother about keeping his image as a good father, she wanted to be a good mother.

    Xuxu ignored him and picked up her phone, opening her WeChat.

    She looked at the update Su Yue posted earlier and smiled. Aish. Letting her set up her online business was the right decision. Now that she has her online business to handle, shes much more cheerful.

    Xuxu thought for a while before saying to Yan Rusheng, Oh yes, have you been in contact with Ming Ansheng recently?

    Yan Rusheng was typing on his keyboard. He replied casually without shifting his eyes away from the screen. He has migrated to country M.

    Xuxu widened her mouth in shock. What?

    Migrated to Country M? When did that happen?

    How did she not know about such a huge matter?

    Ha ha ha

    Young Master Yan chuckled with an underlying mockery and disdain