Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1622

    Chapter 1622 Future Stepmother Part Four

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    He was so glib-tongued now, and he was getting more brazen. Beibei didnt dare to look at him the way he was doing right now before.

    Then he warned coldly, From now on, youre not allowed to enter my study without my permission.

    Ive got it. It wont happen again. Beibei nodded and smiled. But Daddy, can you bring me along when you go to Country M next time? I have many classmates there. I can introduce them to the online shop Xiaojiaos Mommy owns.

    Introduce to his classmates? Ming Ansheng couldnt help but smile. He had left Country M when he was four. How many kindergarten classmates would he remember?

    What a lousy excuse!

    Suddenly, he snapped, You dont have to worry about this.

    Beibei frowned and sighed. How could I not?

    Ming Ansheng was speechless

    Seeing that Ming Ansheng was no longer so furious, he hurriedly went forward and hugged his elbow. Daddy, bring me over next time.

    He paused before continuing, How about on the eleventh? Are you going over? Its the holidays. I have a seven-day break.

    Ming Ansheng raised his eyebrow. Why should I bring you?

    Beibei grinned and replied, Think about it, Xiaojiaos Mommy is my future stepmother. Xiaojiao is my future sister. How long has it been since I last saw them? How am I going to grow closer to them then?

    Then he pouted and looked determined. So if you bring me along in the future, youll get double results.

    Ming Ansheng snorted.

    Double results.

    It seemed like he had been belittling this young fellow.

    Daddy? Beibei became impatient while waiting for his reply.

    Ming Ansheng airily said, Get out.

    Beibei shook Ming Anshengs elbow, trying to gain his favor. Bring me along.

    Get out.

    His voice turned cold.

    Okay. Beibei hurriedly let go of his elbow and walked towards the door.

    When he had exited and closed the door, Ming Ansheng took another puff of his cigarette. Then he disposed of it, his hands made their way to the keyboard, and there was a faint smile on his face.

    In an instant, the study was warm once again.

    Eh? Theres a notification.

    It had been three days since her last order. Su Yue sat in front of her laptop as she scrolled through her phone, crestfallen.

    Suddenly, she received a notification. She became incredibly excited.

    She opened it and realized that it was from XX Web.

    Hello, Im the Operations Manager of XX Web.

    Operations Manager? Why was he looking for her? Was it regarding her online shop? She did something against the law?

    Su Yue was in utter confusion. She replied politely,Hello.

    The Operations department managed the advertising spaces, so she had to be polite to them.

    XX Webs Operations Manager replied,On the first of October, Chinas national day, our website wants to advertise a few brands who buy on clients behalf from China. Your business has been selected.

    Advertise a few brands that buy on clients behalf from China? Her shop was selected? Su Yue was feeling muddled.What does that mean?

    XX Web replied,On the first of October, our website wants to publicize your business on the advertisements section of our home page.

    This was a golden opportunity. Countless companies were queuing up for this advertising opportunity. Su Yue was excited yet she was concerned.Then How much would the publicity cost?

    She had checked the cost of it when she first started out. It cost 100,000 dollars for a day of advertising.

    But its results were simply outstanding.