Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1620

    Chapter 1620 Future Stepmother Part Two

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    Unexpectedly, Zhou Shuang didnt bite back, choosing to change the topic instead.

    Anyone who knew her would find this unusual.

    Su Yue smiled. What was up with Lu Yinan? Zhou Shuang had already given birth to three children for him, but he was yet to give her a proper status?

    She chided him in her heart before replying,Aish, Ill take it slow.

    The starting was always the hardest. Even her mentor said that her present situation was already much better than most people. At least she was still receiving orders every few days.

    Zhou Shuang replied,Why dont you publicize? Itll boost sales.

    Without hesitation, Su Yue replied,Its too expensive. I just started out and I dont know much. Its not worth it to make such a huge investment.

    Zhou Shuang answered,Tch. Your family has a mountain of wealth, how can some publicity be considered expensive? The cost of Yan Rushengs one meal is enough to put up an advertisement on the cover pages.

    What does my third brother and brothers wealth have to do with me? I want to earn my own money. Not talking to you anymore, Im going to bed now.

    Su Yue finally realized that she was chatting with Zhou Shuang in the comments section of her post.

    After she posted the last comment, she immediately deleted her post.

    If her third brother and third sister-in-law were to see her worries about her online business, they would definitely do somecharityto help her.

    She locked the screen and placed her phone in her bedside drawer.

    She stared blankly at the ceiling.

    Suddenly, she felt boredher heart was empty.

    Jiaojiao, its been almost 100 days since youve left us. Are you missing me in heaven?

    Su Yues eyes welled up with tears. She flipped herself over and faced Su Xiaojiao. The little one was facing her too.

    Her hands were under her head and she was pouting, drool dripping onto her pillow.

    Su Yue wiped off her drool using a tissue paper. Then she flipped Xiaojiao such that she was lying on her back. Su Yue kissed her on the cheek.

    TheBook Babyincident didnt affect Su Yue. Every day after school, she would sit in front of the television or search the Internet for ways to improve her business.

    Second Young Master is back.

    Ming Ansheng changed out of his shoes and entered the house.

    Beibei and Wang Yuexiang were watching television on the sofa. All of them looked over excitedly when they heard the helper greeting Ming Ansheng.

    Ansheng, youre back.

    Her son was often going on business trips overseas and hadnt been home for half a month. She was incredibly excited that he had suddenly returned.

    Daddy, youre back. Beibei was very happy and went forward to greet him.

    But Ming Ansheng coldly stared at him. Come with me.

    He didnt stop in his steps and brushed past Beibei.

    Wang Yuexiang and Beibei were stunned.

    Wang Yuexiang was afraid that her grandson would get a scolding, so she rushed after him and asked, Ansheng, whats wrong?

    Her hands were wrapped around Beibeis shoulders in an attempt to protect him.

    Ming Ansheng snorted cooly. Then he raised his eyebrow at Beibei. Afraid now?

    Beibei frowned and pouted. Forgive me for my foolishness, but I really dont know what Ive done wrong.

    This young fellow, he was becoming a better talker.

    Ming Ansheng nodded and smiled coldly. Very good. Follow me then.

    Okay. Beibei walked after Ming Ansheng, away from Wang Yuexiangs protection.