Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1619

    Chapter 1619 Future Stepmother Part One

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    Su Yue snorted coldly to herself as she typed.My apologies. The items you wanted will require another two more weeks for it to be restocked. Are you in a hurry to get them?

    What a rude and arrogant fellow!

    This customer should be a pampered teenager who came from a wealthy family.

    She would never accept orders from such rude customers.

    Book Baby typed,Out of stock?

    Su Yue typed swiftly.Yes. Business has been really good so I cant keep up with the demands. Why dont you cancel the order and wait patiently for the items to be restocked?


    Book Baby replied, and Su Yue felt an eerie chill down her spine.

    What did this customer mean by laughing?

    Book Baby typed,Business is good?

    Book Baby sent several photos of Su Yues products. He even circled the sales of the various items.

    Su Yues face darkened.

    Book Baby replied,I took those photos. The sales of some items are zero. And you claimed that your business is good?

    Su Yue could feel overwhelming sarcasm and contempt from his remarks.

    Anger was bubbling in the pit of her stomach.Dear, youre getting unreasonable. The items are out of stock and require another two weeks for the stocks to arrive. If you can wait, please do so.

    This fellow was really too full of himself. Couldnt he sense that she didnt want to accept his order?

    This customer was so oblivious.

    No wonder the website designer had already warned her that she would meet unreasonable customers.

    Book Baby replied,I will make a complaint!

    Su Yue cast away all her pretenses.Fine with me!

    She ended the conversation with Book Baby, feeling down.

    How could someone look down on her? She clicked on the conversation again and scrolled through the photos.

    But it was true that some of the sales were zero.

    She turned off her laptop and decided to call it a day. How infuriating!

    She collapsed on the bed after taking a shower. Su Yue browsed through her phone while Xiaojiao slept soundly next to her.

    Su Yue couldnt sleep for she was worried about her online store.

    I was looked down by a crazy customer today. My online store has been operating for merely a month. Why did I meet such a customer?!

    She took a snapshot of the conversation with Book Baby and updated on WeChat.

    She only had her family members, Zhou Shuang, and Lu Yinan in her WeChat.

    She could only pour her grievances to them.

    Someone replied almost instantly.

    The person who always replied first would definitely be Zhou Shuanga young married woman who was addicted to social media.

    The customer is right. Your sales are zero and yet you claimed that business was good. Dont you feel ashamed?

    How could this woman speak up for that idiot! Su Yue frowned and replied brusquely,Lu Huanyan needs to drink milk. Why isnt a married woman sleeping in the middle of the night?

    Zhou Shuang retorted,Firstly, it isnt midnight over here. Secondly, Im not married yet.

    Su Yue sneered coldly.You already have three children. How could you claim that youre not a married woman?

    I will ask my dad to introduce your online store to his colleagues.