Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1525 1

    Chapter 1525 Best Man And Bridesmaid Part Eight

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    Xuxu was wearing a long gown with the children holding her train behind her. Two children walked beside her as they scattered flower petals.

    She was slowly approaching the wedding hall. The place where she would declare to the entire world that Yan Rusheng was hers.

    Mommy, when are you giving us the wedding candy?

    Meowmeow suddenly asked Xuxu.

    Xuxu was speechless.

    She had to be the only bride in the world who would have her daughter asking her for a wedding candy.

    She glared at the little girl. Keep quiet.

    When is my mommy going to be a bride?

    I also want a wedding candy from my mommy.

    First Lu and Second Lu began to chatter fervently as they watched Aunt Xuxu with envy.

    How they wished that their mommy could wear a beautiful gown and be a bride, too.

    My daddy and mommy sleep together every night. Does your daddy sleep with your mommy?

    Suddenly, Meowmeow turned to ask First Lu and Second Lu.

    She sounded so smug and haughty.

    Second Lu shook her head quickly. No. They sleep in their own room.

    Then your daddy and mommy wont get married. Meowmeow began to trudge on as though she was an expert. The husband and wife must sleep together to get married.

    Xuxu was speechless

    When the children get together each time, they either pretend to be TV characters or discuss adult topics.

    Cant they be more childlike?

    Xiaojiao, who was following them, listened quietly to their conversation. She knitted her eyebrows tightly together, as though she was contemplating something.

    They strode slowly towards the hall.

    Su Yue wore a blush gown and it ended just above her knees. Her slender legs were as fair as snow.

    The hairstylist curled her hair loose and it tumbled elegantly across her shoulders. She had light makeup on and she looked ravishing, especially when she smiled sweetly.

    How could he possibly avert his gaze from her?

    Xuxu noticed that the best man, who had the boutonniere on his chest, had his mouth slightly open.

    Ming Anshengs eyes were glued to Su Yue, and his eyes revealed his astonishment.

    She didnt know how to interrupt so she coughed to remind him.

    Her coughs startled Su Yue who was listening to the children.

    Third sister-in-law, are you sick? She stretched to pat Xuxus back.

    She accidentally caught sight of the towering figure ahead. It had taken her aback.

    Her hand froze in mid-air.

    Her eyes were flickering with emotions, and her mouth too was slightly open.

    Ming Anshengs eyes met Su Yues and he smiled at her graciously.

    He seemed so natural and nonchalant, as though they were merely acquaintances.

    Su Yue pressed her lips and responded by curling her lips. She pretended to be unruffled to conceal her longing, too.

    They strode towards them slowly.

    Sister Xuxu, Qi Lei was dressed smartly as he smiled to welcome them.

    Xuxu scrutinized his appearance. Youre very handsome today.

    Qi Lei scratched the back of his head and looked bashful.

    He turned to Su Yue and was astonished.

    Su Yue beamed at Qi Lei and blinked. Brother Qi Lei, you dont recognize me anymore?

    Su Yue? asked Qi Lei excitedly.

    They havent seen in other in almost five years. Before she went abroad, they werent able to meet as well.