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    Chapter 1523 Best Man And Bridesmaid Part Six

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    Chapter 1523: Best Man and Bridesmaid (Part Six)
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    Xuxu could feel the atmosphere getting strained, so she patted Su Yues hand gently. "Alright. There is no point in studying so much as well. If he continues with his Ph.D. and work at the same time, he wouldnt have time for you and Xiaojiao."

    "Thats true." Su Yue nodded and her heart was aching. "He is really busy for the past year, and he kept losing weight no matter how much he ate. Hes tired both mentally and physically."

    The expression in Xuxus eyes flickered, and she steered the conversation. "Why isnt Zhou Shuang here with Xiaojiao?"

    She glanced at the door.

    A towering figure walked in at that moment with the little girl.

    Xuxu rose with a bright smile. She lifted the train of her gown and quickly strode to the little girl. "Xiaojiao!"

    "Call her Xuxu," Yan Rusheng instructed Xiaojiao with a sly gleam in his eyes.

    Xuxu threw a disapproving glare at him before turning to Xiaojiao. "Dont listen to Uncle. Call me Aunt."

    Xiaojiao was admiring Xuxus gown with her eyes wide. She clapped happily and exclaimed, "Aunt is a bride! Pretty!"

    The girls compliments delighted Xuxu and she pulled her from Yan Rusheng. "Let me carry you."

    "Third Brother, you are really handsome today," Su Yue complimented Yan Rusheng loudly.

    She sat on the chair and her eyes were surveying him from top to toe. She seemed lost in her thoughts.

    Her eyes rested on his face and she became still.

    "Im always handsome," replied Yan Rusheng without a hint of embarrassment.

    Su Yue rolled her eyes at him. "And always vain."

    Yan Rusheng smiled before he turned around.

    The wedding was about to start and he had plenty to do.

    "Oh, no!"

    Yan Rusheng had just walked out of the makeup room when the wedding planner came running to him. He was panting and trying to catch his breath.

    "Whats wrong?" asked Yan Rusheng.

    The wedding planner said, "Mr. Lus youngest daughter fell from the stage and she cut her face. She is bleeding badly."

    Yan Rusheng was shocked, and he probed, "Why did it happen? Have you sent her to the hospital?"

    He marched quickly towards the wedding hall.

    "We have already sent her." The wedding planner rattled on. "But the wedding is starting and Lu Yinan is the best man."

    "Hmmm" Yan Rusheng halted his footsteps. "See if you can find a replacement."

    The wedding planner replied, "Ive already asked your mother and she is asking around. But she said that those who are already married cannot be the best man or bridesmaid."

    F*ck! He was supposed to find a single man to be his best man at the eleventh hour?!

    Yan Rusheng was rather anxious too, and he furrowed his eyebrows as he thought hard. He turned to the wedding planner and said, "Ill find someone."

    He strode swiftly into the hall.

    The guests were huddled in groups and were all engaged in conversations.
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    Childrens voices and laughter could be heard, too.

    Yan Rushengs eyes darted around, looking as though he was looking for someone in specific.

    "Third Yan, Lu Yinan brought Yanyan to the hospital. What should we do without a best man? The wedding is starting soon." Mu Li strode towards him, looking jittery.

    It was her precious sons wedding, and she was wearing a flamboyant wine-red embroidered cheongsam for the occasion. Although she was past sixty, she still looked attractive and gorgeous.

    No one could tell her real age from her back.

    Yan Rusheng glanced at Mu Li and asked, "Where is Ming Ansheng?"

    "He" Mu Li uttered a word but wasnt able to manage to finish her sentence.

    Yan Rusheng had just spotted Ming Ansheng in the crowd.