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    Chapter 1522 Best Man And Bridesmaid Part Five

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    Chapter 1522: Best Man and Bridesmaid (Part Five)
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    Zhou Shuang smiled. "She is looking for her mommy. Ill bring her there."

    She bent to carry Xiaojiao.

    Ming Ansheng nodded in response.

    Zhou Shuang carried Xiaojiao and walked towards the main doors. Xiaojiao rested her chin on her shoulders and she gazed at Ming Ansheng with her huge pair of eyes.

    She blinked repeatedly as she gazed at him.

    Finally, she flashed a bright smile, revealing rows of tiny teeth.

    Ming Anshengs heart instantly melted into a puddle. His Yueyue

    His heart felt as though someone was squeezing itand it was hurting him.

    Yueyue belonged to him once.

    In the makeup room, Su Yue was done with her makeup and she began on her hairdo. She could finally speak.

    Xuxu was done with her makeup and she was ready.

    Actually, she should check on the preparations, but all she wanted was to look at Su Yue.

    It had almost been a year since she last met her. Her appearance didnt change but she kept thinking of her.

    When she first met Su Yue, she was only 17 years old. She was a nave and innocent girl who didnt know much about worldly affairs.

    And now, Xuxu felt as though her child had grown up.

    She couldnt exactly describe how she was feeling. She felt relieved, sentimental, and sorrowful.

    The process of growing up was tough for everyone. But it was harder for Su Yue as she endured much more than others.

    Su Yue noticed Xuxu watching her, so she grinned at her. "I took such a long flight, and Xiaojiao kept pestering me so I didnt sleep. Do I look exhausted?"

    Xuxu shook her head and smiled. "You still look great."

    Suddenly, Su Yues phone rang. She received a text.

    She extended her hand towards her phone. The text was from Jiao Chen, asking if she was done with her makeup.

    She smiled when she read it, and she turned on the camera function. She beckoned to Xuxu and said, "Third sister-in-law, lets take a photo to show Jiaojiao. He cant wait to see us."

    Xuxu stood beside her and Su Yue snapped a photo.

    Both of them had makeup on and they were breathtakingly beautiful.

    She sent the photo to Jiao Chen.

    She pulled the chair back to its original position.

    She then bent her head as she typed away on her phone.

    Xuxu stared at Su Yue intently. When Su Yue raised her head, she met Xuxus eyes. Looking puzzled, she asked, "Third sister-in-law, why are you looking at me?"

    "Nothing much." Xuxu pressed her lips. "Is Jiao Chen still busy?"

    "Yeah." Su Yue nodded. "He is very busy."

    She received Jiao Chens reply and she immediately typed in her response as well.

    She turned to peer at Xuxu with a frown. "I really dont understand him. We had already settled down well, and he also finished his postgraduate studies. He could have carried on taking his Ph.D., but he chose to give up."

    Xuxus hands, which were resting on her lap, trembled a little when she heard Su Yue. She smiled feebly and replied, "It proves that he is patriotic and he loves our country."

    Su Yue joked, "Why should he love our country? He should love me instead."

    Xuxu was startled, and she watched Su Yue closely.

    She broke into a smile after some time. "He still loves you even if he chose to come back. It doesnt make a difference, right?"

    She paused and quickly continued with a frown. "Or you want to stay abroad for the rest of your life? Dont you miss me or your brother?"

    "Thats not true." Su Yue shook her head. "I just dont understand why Jiaojiao gave up on the Ph.D."

    She hung her head, and Xuxu had no idea what she was thinking of right now.