Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1519

    Chapter 1519 Best Man And Bridesmaid Part Two

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    Zhou Shuang said, “The makeup artist is waiting for you. Let’s hurry up.”

    She extended her arms to carry Xiaojiao.

    But who knew that the girl would refuse. She twisted her waist and clung tightly to Su Yue.

    Su Yue frowned. “Mommy is so tired. Can you let Aunt carry you for a while?”

    “I massage Mommy.” Xiaojiao pouted and looked at Su Yue with an expression like an adorable puppy. She pounded on Su Yue’s back with her little fists.

    Zhou Shuang watched them and chuckled. “This little imp is really adorable.”

    Su Yue smiled. “She only knows how to coax people.”

    They walked to the elevator together.

    The elevator reached, and Su Yue bent to carry Xiaojiao. Zhou Shuang stopped her and said, “I will carry her. Go and do your makeup.”

    The wedding was about to start, and Su Yue was the bridesmaid.

    “Alright.” Su Yue nodded and walked out first. Xiaojiao would be safe with Zhou Shuang.


    Xiaojiao became anxious when she saw Su Yue walking away.

    Zhou Shuang bent to scoop her up before carrying her.

    She ignored her protests and carried her in a seasoned way.

    That was how she treated the triplets back at home.

    Whoever was making a fuss would be left outside the house. They could only go back in only after they stopped.

    Lu Yinan’s mother didn’t agree with her methods but the grandfather was supportive.

    He firmly believed that children shouldn’t be pampered too much. They should learn to be independent and not be too delicate.

    “I want mommy.” Xiaojiao’s eyes were red as she stared pitifully at Zhou Shuang.

    Zhou Shuang coaxed her gently, “Mommy needs to put on makeup. I will bring you to a fun place with many children to play with you alright?”

    They reached the reception area. The guests were supposed to reach later, so only their close friends were present.

    Children’s laughter could be heard once the doors swung open.

    They were chasing one another in the hall.

    “Children!” Zhou Shuang called her triplets first before shouting again, “Yangyang, Meowmeow!”

    All the children turned towards Zhou Shuang.


    Two girls wearing pink puffy dresses with short hair rushed towards Zhou Shuang.

    As though they haven’t seen their mother in a long time.

    “Mommy, who is she?” The older daughter gripped Zhou Shuang’s hand tightly.

    Jealousy was blazing in her eyes.

    Zhou Shuang bent and placed Xiaojiao on the floor. She told her daughters, “She is your younger sister.”

    Her youngest daughter bawled loudly. “I don’t want a younger sister! Mommy, you don’t like me anymore?”

    Zhou Shuang grinned helplessly at her response. They already knew how to fight for attention at such a tender age. She gently rubbed her daughter’s head and coaxed her. “She is Aunt Su Yue’s daughter. She is not Daddy and Mommy’s daughter.”

    Lu Yinan was to be blamed. Every time they were naughty, he would scare them and threaten to have a younger brother or sister. Then they wouldn’t love the triplets anymore.

    They were afraid of his threats.

    “Alright then.” The youngest one wiped her tears and grabbed Xiaojiao’s hand. “I will play with you. You can be my maid.”

    Although her voice was childish, she could articulate very well.

    Zhou Shuang was speechless

    She held Xiaojiao and brought her to where the rest of the children were. The two little boys stood there quietly.