Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1518

    Chapter 1518 Best Man And Bridesmaid Part One

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    Lu Yinan casually replied, "Im not married yet, and I want to experience it once before I get married."

    They strode towards the elevator.

    They swept past Zhou Shuang, and Lu Yinan gave her a meaningful look. Zhou Shuang pressed her lips to show that she understood.

    As they walked off, she quietly. watched Lu Yinan

    I want to experience it once before I get married

    Lu Yinan, how long more are you planning to waste my time!Zhou Shuang thought bitterly to herself.


    Zhou Shuang turned around when she heard a girl callingMommy.

    She saw a familiar woman and it startled her. She apprehensively asked, "Little pretentious one?"

    The young, beautiful woman looked exactly the same.

    Yet at the same time, there was something different about her. She couldnt pinpoint exactly where.

    Su Yue was holding a pink paper box in one hand while she carried Xiaojiao with the other arm. She glanced at Zhou Shuang when she heard her voice. She beamed brightly at her and said, "Sister Hooligan."

    It was indeed different She used to call her Sister Hooligan all the time, but her tone was different now. She sounded mature

    She had lost her innocence.

    Zhou Shuang was still sizing Su Yue up when the latter stood in front of her.

    The little girl in her arms was eating a chicken wing and the sauce had smeared her mouth.

    "Xiaojiao, call her Aunt." Su Yue grabbed Xiaojiaos hand and waved at Zhou Shuang.

    Xiaojiao was still happily eating and she was annoyed. She glanced lazily at Zhou Shuang. "Aunt."

    Then she went back to devouring her chicken wing with relish.

    "This this" Zhou Shuangs eyes widened in surprise. Her jaw looked as though it was going to drop off at any moment.

    The little girl saidmommyloudly just now, and Su Yue was the only woman around besides her.

    Could she be

    Su Yue already knew what she was thinking of. She nodded and grinned. "She is my daughter, Su Jiao."

    "Oh, my god!" Zhou Shuang exclaimed, "You already have a child!"

    She was still staring at the little girl in disbelief. That face resembled Su Yue so much.

    If the little girl didnt look like Su Yue, she would have thought that Su Yue was pranking her.

    Zhou Shuang asked her once more, "Did you tell your third brother and third sister-in-law?"

    She had never heard them mentioned it beforeforget about Yan Rusheng, but not even Wen Xuxu breathed a word.

    Su Yue quietly smiled.

    Zhou Shuang immediately understood. She muttered to herself, "How could they not know?"

    Xuxu went to Country M a couple of times. How could she not know that this little pretentious one had a child?

    She presumed that they wanted to hide it from Ming Ansheng, and that was why they didnt tell anyone.

    Zhou Shuang scrutinized Xiaojiao carefully. That innocent and chubby face she suspiciously gazed at her.

    "But this child does look a little like Ming"

    Zhou Shuang was someone who didnt hide her thoughts or feelings. Su Yue cut across and said, "Sister Hooligan, your triplets are really cute."

    She hastily diverted the topic to Zhou Shuang.

    Zhou Shuangs face lit up with a motherly smile. "They are cute but too mischievous."

    The triplets were really noisy and there wasnt a moment of peace at home.