Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1516 5

    Chapter 1516 She Is My Xiaojiao Part Seven

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    The wedding of Flourish & Prospers President, the Young Master Yan of the Yan family, was without a question, a grand, elaborate, and luxurious event.

    Those who had received invitations were all influential, powerful or affluent figures from various industries.

    Third sister-in-law, Im here. Su Yue got off the car and strode quickly towards the hotel. Ill talk to you later.

    She hung up when she reached the entrance.

    Yan Rushengs secretary received her at the entrance.

    He recognized Su Yue, so she didnt need an invitation.

    Miss Su, Qiao Jian politely greeted Su Yue and was astonished to see her carrying a little girl. He was dumbfounded for some time.

    Oh, my god. This girl looked so much like Miss Su. Was she her daughter?

    Miss Su already had a child in these four years!

    Qiao Jian still felt overwhelmed when Su Yue suddenly exclaimed, Oh, no! The present is still in the car trunk.

    She passed the girl over to Qiao Jian and implored, Secretary Qiao, carry her for a while, please. Ill be back shortly.

    Qiao Jian simply did as he was told.

    Su Yue turned around and saw that the car was about to leave. She instantly bolted for the car.

    What is your name? There werent any other guests, so Qiao Jian chatted with the little girl.

    The girl had really soft and chubby cheeks, and she was adorable. It was hard for anyone not to like her.

    Xiaojiao. The girl was still gnawing on a chicken wing.

    She looked as though she wanted to swallow the bones as well.

    Qiao Jian asked, Is your surname Jiao?

    Daddy is Dajiao so I am Xiaojiao. Mommy has both Dajiao and Xiaojiao, replied the little girl proudly.

    She was still looking at her chicken wing the whole time she answered him. She licked the sauce off her fingers.

    Qiao Jian couldnt stand it any longer, so he snatched the chicken wing from her. He threw it into a nearby trash can.

    He bent and placed the girl on the floor and took out a handkerchief to wipe her hands. Youre really not afraid of strangers, huh?

    Young Master Ming, Young Master Lu.

    Two towering figures entered. One in a black suit, the other in a blue suit, but both exuded an elegant and dignified charm.

    As though they were born with it.

    Qiao Jian immediately bowed. Young Master Ming. Young Master Lu.

    He still had a hand placed on top of Xiaojiaos head.

    Looking annoyed, Xiaojiao retorted, My hair is messy.

    She pushed his hand away and moved backward.

    The girl just rejected Secretary Qiao.

    Ming Ansheng simply ignored them as though he didnt have any interest at all. He swept past Qiao Jian.

    Lu Yinan glanced at Xiaojiao and grinned at Qiao Jian. Qiao Jian, I didnt know your child is so old already.

    Qiao Jian had been working for Yan Rusheng for almost seven years. He settled all of Yan Rushengs work and personal affairs, so Lu Yinan and the rest had met him many times.

    Sometimes they would crack jokes, too.

    Qiao Jian shyly smiled and replied, Young Master Lu, dont make fun of me. She isnt my child. She is Miss Sus daughter.

    Lu Yinan frowned, looking confused. Miss Su?