Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1515 9

    Chapter 1515 She Is My Xiaojiao Part Six

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    Zhou Shuang glared at Yan Rusheng. "Wen Xuxu and you were childhood sweethearts. Dont you hope for the same thing to happen to your children?"

    It dumbfounded Xuxu

    This lass really did plan ahead, to even want their children to become childhood sweethearts.

    Her reason was too atrocious.

    Yan Rusheng continued to smirk as he eyed her with disdain. "But it has nothing to do with your little hooligan."

    "I have two daughters, Yangyang can choose either of them," Zhou Shuang spoke proudly.

    There were plenty of other daughters, all right?

    Lu Yinan was exasperated.

    Tch.His daughter was also his precious darling alright?

    What kind of mother was she? She seemed to barter her daughter like some common good at the market.

    Yan Rusheng faked a smile. "Thank you so much."

    Zhou Shuang was about to retaliate when Xuxus phone vibrated. She proudly raised her chin and said to Yan Rusheng, "Since its our wedding today, I shall not bicker with you."

    She snorted coldly before throwing a glance at Lu Yinan.

    Lu Yinan was wearing a royal-blue suit with a white shirt underneath his tuxedo. He was resting against the door frame as he held his phone with his good-looking hands. He seemed engrossed with his phone.

    The light from his phone shone on his gorgeous face, and it brought attention to his beautiful features.

    Zhou Shuang bowed her head as her eyes sparkled with a trace of sorrow.

    "Ah Sheng, the person who was supposed to fetch Yueyue from the airport didnt manage to find her." Xuxu hung up and told Yan Rusheng.

    The airport was crowded.

    A tiny woman was pushing a trolley as she aimlessly roamed in the hall. Her eyes wandered around, taking in her surroundings.

    A young and chubby girl sat on top of the suitcases. Her slightly curly hair was tied into two pigtails.

    The girls dewy-looking eyes were swiveling around too; she looked curious and excited.

    "Mommy, there are so many people who look like us." The girl told the woman after observing her surroundings.

    She had thick and long eyelashes, and her eyes were sparkling.

    The woman grinned. "Yeah, we are all Chinese."

    Her eyes darted around as she watched the strangers around her. She smiled to herself.

    When she first stepped foot in the country, she had the same exact feeling. She felt at home when she saw so many people who looked like her.

    "I miss Daddy," the girl whine and put on a pitiful pout.

    Su Yue peered at the girl and coaxed her gently. "Daddy has work to do. He will be with us soon. Xiaojiao, be good alright?"

    She stretched her hand and caressed the little girls hair.

    "My hair is messy." The little girl frowned, and she stretched her chubby hand to shove Su Yues hand away.

    Su Yue chuckled and shrugged. "Sorry, Mommy will be careful next time."

    "Little Miss."

    Suddenly, a middle-aged man marched quickly towards them.

    Su Yue sized up the man and asked, "Are you Zhang Yuan?"

    The middle-aged man nodded. "Yes, I am."

    Su Yues phone rang, and she glanced at the screen. She answered, "Hello, Third sister-in-law."

    "Yeah, I saw him. A tall middle-aged man, right?"

    "Ok, I got it."

    After confirming with Xuxu, Su Yue ended the call. She smiled at the man and said, "Lets go."