Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1514 4

    Chapter 1514 She Is My Xiaojiao Part Five

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    His wife was such a lovely and sweet sight to behold.

    The makeup artist had just finished applying eyeliner on Xuxus eyes. Xuxu opened her eyes to see Yan Rusheng watching her with a tender look on his face.

    She frowned and said, "Yan Rusheng, go out. Didnt I ask you to go out?"

    Yan Rusheng smiled and drawled lazily. "Wife, weve been married for so long. Why are you still so shy?"

    Xuxu really hated and yet adored his shameless cheekiness, which seemed to be his innate trait.

    She furrowed her eyebrows and glared at Yan Rusheng. "We cant meet before the wedding."

    Yan Rusheng playfully grinned. "Not only did we meet, last night we even"

    Xuxu hastily interjected, "Enough! You dont have to leave."

    This fellow really didnt care that there were others in the room, and he simply continued to speak ever so brazenly.

    Every time he did, she was really powerless against him.


    Suddenly, the door swung open and a woman entered in a dramatic fashion.

    A jewel-blue dress had clad the womans slightly voluptuous figure. Her fair skin looked supple and her cheeks were rosy.

    The second she saw Xuxu, she abandoned the bespectacled good-looking man behind her. She bolted for Xuxu in excitement.

    Xuxu frowned, looking annoyed. She grumbled, "Miss Zhou Shuang, why are you so late?"

    Zhou Shuang frowned in exasperation. "That two fellows were so troublesome. They ransacked the entire wardrobe and tried on various outfits."

    Xuxu burst into laughter as she knew who she was referring to.

    The makeup artist gently reminded her, "Dont laugh so much."

    Xuxus smile vanished in an instant, and she beckoned to Zhou Shuang who stood behind her. "Come nearer to me."

    Zhou Shuang walked to Xuxu and she peered at her reflection. Then she turned to Xuxu, "Xuxu, youre so beautiful."

    The makeup artist smiled and said, "Certainly. A bride is the most beautiful on the day of her wedding."

    Zhou Shuang pressed her lips and her smile faded. She glanced at Xuxu and sincerely said, "Be blissful always."

    Xuxu captured the subtle envy in Zhou Shuangs eyes, and her eyes darted to Lu Yinan who stood at the door. In a playful manner, he asked, "Lu Yinan, when are you marrying my Zhou Shuang?"

    Zhou Shuang blushed crimson and she tapped Xuxus head. "Take care of yourself first."

    Lu Yinan pressed his lips and remained quiet.

    Xuxu knew that she shouldnt meddle in their affairs, although she felt pity for Zhou Shuang because their relationship status was ambiguous.

    She steered the conversation away. "Where are Jiaojiao and Yanyan?"

    Zhou Shuang replied, "They are playing with Meowmeow."

    Yan Rusheng, who was standing quietly, suddenly spoke up. "If that little hooligan of yours continues to seduce my daughter, I will break his legs."

    He fiercely eyed Zhou Shuang.

    Zhou Shuang returned the glare and snapped, "Yan Rusheng, dont be such a narrow-minded man. If they spend more time playing together, they will be close friends in the future."

    She was such good friends with Xuxu. So, with Yan Rusheng and Xuxus superior genes and intelligence, she definitely didnt mind her son getting close with their daughter.

    In fact, she spent plenty of time teaching her son how to curry favor with Meowmeow.

    Yan Rusheng scoffed coldly in response.

    But that scoff irked Zhou Shuang. "What is that response?"