Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1513

    Chapter 1513 She Is My Xiaojiao Part Four

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    Su Yue replied softly, "I got it."

    She propped her elbow against the window as she watched the passersby wearing masks walk on the pavement.

    But her heart had flown away to a distant place.

    Yan Rusheng continued, "Remember to call home every day."

    "Okay," Su Yue agreed and nodded.

    "Yueyue." Yan Rusheng suddenly turned to look at Su Yue, and he raised his voice.

    Su Yue snapped out from her reverie, and she too turned to look at Yan Rusheng.

    Yan Rusheng pressed his lips and smiled at her. "I believe you can do this."

    It startled Su Yue.

    She couldnt believe that Yan Rusheng would encourage her. Her third brother, who was famous for his mean tongue, had incredibly encouraged her so kindly.

    After a moment, Su Yue flashed a smile at him too.

    A week had passed since Jiao Chen woke up. All the specialists recommended that he should go to Country Ms T Hospital for treatment after consultations.

    T Hospital was the leading authority for their neurology department, and they had successfully treated patients like Jiao Chen before.

    It had been over a month since he was hospitalized, and the original Jiao Chen seemed to have disappeared. He was as thin as a paper that he looked as though a gust of wind could blow him away any second.

    Jiao Chen and Su Yue sat in the back seats, and she tightly gripped his hand.

    She would unconsciously stroke his bony fingers as the car sped towards the airport.

    Su Yue was getting sleepy, and she placed her head gently on Jiao Chens shoulder.

    Jiao Chens mother sat on his other side. Su Yan sat in the front passenger seat while Yan Rusheng drove.

    It was quiet in the car.

    It was a Saturday and there was a slight traffic jam after they exited the expressway. The car kept stopping and moving off.

    Su Yue suddenly felt nauseous, so she pressed her belly. Her stomach was churning.

    They reached another traffic junction. Yan Rusheng had already stepped on the brakes early, so the car came to a gradual and steady halt.

    But Su Yues stomach seemed to lunge once more.


    She clenched her chest and hastily bent forward.

    "Su Yue, are you all right?" Jiao Chens mother asked in a worried tone.

    Su Yan turned around and watched Su Yue. He looked worried. "Whats wrong? Are you unwell?"

    He pulled tissues and passed them to Su Yue.

    Su Yue waved her hand to dismiss his worries. "Im fine. Im just feeling carsick."

    She took the tissues to wipe her mouth before cleaning the floor.

    "Drink some water." Su Yan took a cup and passed it to Su Yue.

    That was Xuxus cup, and Yan Rusheng merely glanced at it.

    It was for Su Yue, so he didnt mind.

    Su Yue drank a mouthful of water and gargled. She felt better but that nauseous feeling still lingered.

    Four years later!

    Outside a seven-star hotel in the capital city, there was a huge notice informing visitors that the hotel was privately booked.

    Wedding portraits of the President of Flourish & Prosper and his wife were hanging from the street lamps in the vicinity. The beautiful couple looked so compatible and perfect, and envy could be seen in everyones eyes.

    In the makeup room, a tiny woman was sitting in a white armchair. She was wearing a wedding gown with a long train. Her long black locks rested against her back.

    The makeup artist was putting makeup for her.

    A gorgeous-looking man was wearing a tailor-made suit with a tuxedo and a white shirt. His black hair neatly gelled up into a simple hairdo.

    But this hairdo enhanced his handsome features.

    His hands were deep in his pockets as he stood behind the armchair. He craned his neck, and his peach blossom-shaped eyes intently gazed at the tiny woman.