Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1512

    Chapter 1512 She Is My Xiaojiao Part Three

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    Meiduos condition seemed to have worsened.

    Ming Ansheng fell silent as he deliberated. He pressed his lips, and in a slightly pleading manner, he said, Can you take care of Beibei for the next few days? My grandfather was the one who took care of him. Now that he is gone, Beibei isnt too used to someone else. And my mother and I are busy.

    Delight could be seen in Meiduos eyes, and she nodded. Sure.

    Part of the reason behind her massive weight loss surely had something to do with her missing her child.

    She single-handedly brought him up. Now that her son was away from, she had many sleepless nights indeed.

    Ming Ansheng said, You can bring Beibei back to your place first. After the funeral is over, Ill send someone to pick him up.

    Meiduo nodded and agreed.

    They stood opposite each other under a balding tree. A breeze rustled Meiduos long curls and her coat slightly flapped.

    The man was in an all-black outfit and his hands were stuffed deep in his pockets. He looked tall and elegant.

    They looked so compatible together.

    It seemed that they were meant to be together. And indeed, they should, and now finally, could be together.

    Goodbye, Uncle Ming.

    A girl was hiding behind a tree from a distance away. The next moment, she turned on her heel and vanished out of sight.

    After the first month of the lunar year, a thick haze still shrouded the capital city. A champagne-colored Bentley was in the courtyard, with the car trunk wide open.

    The servants were placing the suitcases into the trunk.

    Su Yue was clad in a dark gray jacket, and she tied her hair in a simple ponytail. She stood against the brutal winds that made both her cheeks and nose red.

    Nobody was sure if it was the wind or the impending departure.

    Xuxus eyes were red, and she held her hand tightly. Yueyue, when you get there, you must call me every day.

    Su Yue nodded and replied softly, I will.

    Xuxu breathed deeply and said, I will visit you soon.

    Su Yue frowned and quipped, Third sister-in-law, you dont have to be so worried. I can take care of myself.

    She bowed her head and muttered under her breath, I can do this.

    As though she was reassuring herself.

    She still had to take care of Jiaojiao, so she would make sure she could do it.

    Its getting late, and we need to pick Jiao Chen from the hospital.

    Yan Rusheng, who was standing quietly beside them, glanced at his watch. He gently reminded Xuxu and Su Yue.

    Su Yue heard him and tugged her hand away from Xuxu. Third sister-in-law, Im leaving. Take good care of the twins.

    She turned around to leave.

    Xuxu took a step forward. Yueyue, let me

    Su Yue cut across Xuxu and said with her back facing Xuxu. Third sister-in-law, I dont want you to send me. Can you let me be?

    Alright. Xuxu pressed her lips tightly and nodded.

    Xuxus eyes were welling up with tears as she watched Su Yue get into the car. Su Yue fastened her seatbelt and hung her head lowjust like the first time she had sent her to school.

    She will miss her.

    She will miss her very much.

    But she knew that Su Yue had her own life to lead, and she would be the one to determine how she would do it. She needed to grow up and be independent.

    After Su Yue left, Xuxu turned around to hug Mu Li. She felt as if her heart was being emptied.

    After the car left the mansion, Yan Rusheng took a swerve and drove to the main road.

    He glanced at Su Yue and said, Ive already arranged for a hospital over there. Someone will be there to pick you up after you landed. When the school term starts, that person will make the arrangements, too.