Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1511

    Chapter 1511 She Is My Xiaojiao Part Two

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    Ming Ansheng was bowing to the visitors when the little boy suddenly rose. He excitedly ran towards the door.

    Ming Ansheng paused for a moment before he looked up.

    Meiduo bent and hushed Beibei with a finger on her lips. The boy immediately clammed up but he was grinning from ear to ear.

    He clung to Meiduos leg, and he affectionately rubbed his face against her.

    His mother raised him, and he missed her terribly. He had a hard time adapting to his new life without her.

    Ming Anshengs heart softened at the sight of this. It didnt matter if the child was his or not; he merely felt pity for the child who was forced to separate from his mother.

    The child was only four years old, so no one shot him disapproving looks for smiling and shouting.

    Ming Ansheng watched Meiduo and Beibei for some time before he withdrew his gaze.

    He accidentally caught sight of Ming Anyus face, and he frowned with suspicion.

    Ming Anyu was gazing at Meiduo and the boy, and his expression was weird.

    His face was slightly slanted so he couldnt see his brothers eyes, nor could he figure what was on his mind.

    Ming Anyu seemed to have realized that Ming Ansheng was staring at him so he turned to face Ming Ansheng. He sighed as he said, "It has been hard on this little boy."

    He lamented, sounding genuine and earnest.

    Ming Ansheng stowed away the suspicions in his heart and remained mum. He turned to look at Ming Zhongshengs portrait.

    Ming Anyu followed suit.

    This pair of brothers looked quite alike and had inherited their parents qualities. Both of them were good-looking. The only difference was that one of them took after their fathers height, while the other took after their mother.

    Ming Anyu was half a head shorter than Ming Ansheng but he wasnt short as compared to the height of an average man.

    Both of them stood there, staring at the portrait in a reverie.

    Meiduo led Beibei back to the funeral hall. A thick somber-looking coat with a black shirt underneath hid her good figure. She tied up her curls in a ponytail.

    She bent to ask Beibei, "Beibei, did you bow and kneel before Grandfather?"

    Beibei nodded. "Yes."

    "Do it together with Mommy again." Meiduo held Beibeis hand and she bowed thrice.

    Then she stood up and turned around.

    Ming Anyu and Ming Ansheng bowed to her in acknowledgment.

    After paying their respects, Meiduos eyes quietly darted to Ming Anshengs face. The expression in her eyes conveyed her regrets and consolation.

    Ming Ansheng nodded lightly.

    "Im sorry to hear about your loss. Please take care of yourself," said Meiduo softly as she pulled Beibei to his feet. She brought him out of the hall.

    Ming Ansheng watched them leave with conflicted feelings.

    "Mommy, where is Grandfather?"

    Beibei raised his head as he curiously looked at Meiduo.

    Meiduo smiled. "He went to a faraway place."

    She bent her head, looking out of sorts.

    Beibei naively asked, "Can I go too?"

    "Silly boy. Its too far." Meiduo stroked Beibeis hair as she peered at the sky.

    The weather was gloomy and dreary in the capital city that day.

    She exhaled as she walked forward with Beibei beside her.


    Ming Ansheng caught up with them and Meiduo turned around. "Ansheng.

    Ming Ansheng strode to Meiduo and his eyes were fixed intently on her pale face.

    He hasnt met her in more than a week, and yet she had lost considerable weight again.