Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1510

    Chapter 1510 She Is My Xiaojiao Part One

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    "Why? Why did I fall in love with you?"

    She sobbed with her head buried in her hands.

    Ming Ansheng was heartbroken.

    He bent and hugged the tiny girl with his muscular arms. "Yueyue."

    It was all his fault.

    If he didnt take that step, they wouldnt have begun.

    Their relationship did start, and yet he couldnt promise her anything.

    His shrewd-looking eyes were glistening with tears. Su Yue struggled against him, so he tightened his grip on her.

    "Yueyue, I want nothing else. I only want you."

    He couldnt explain why and there seemed to be no reason as well. The young and naive girl had completely stolen his heart without him knowing.

    He loved her and he was infatuated and crazy about her.

    When he was younger, he didnt have this crazy impulse to give up everything. But now, he was willing to dump everything for her.

    I want nothing else. I only want you

    Su Yue heard Ming Anshengs words and her tears streamed down. "I will never be with you and I will never love you again."

    Although she was clear that she simply couldnt stop loving him just because she wanted to.

    But it was too exhausting to be in love with him. From the moment she fell for him, she had chosen a forbidden path with no hope of reprieve.

    Su Yue shoved him away as she yelled.

    She swiftly stood up and ran for the exit.

    Ming Ansheng immediately sprang to his feet.

    Terrified yells sounded in the courtyard. "Father!"


    "Go get the car!"

    Ming Ansheng was stunned, and he halted his footsteps.

    A car was right in front of him and the headlights blinded him. He squinted his eyes before glancing at it.

    The car stopped in front of Su Yue, and she halted her footsteps.

    It was Yan Rushengs car.

    Ming Ansheng heaved a sigh of relief. He turned around and Ming Anyus car was speeding out of the courtyard. The car sped towards him and stopped.

    He hurriedly opened the car door.

    Ming Zhongsheng was gasping for breath and he was getting weaker.

    "Calm down." Ming Ansheng stretched his hand to grip Ming Zhongshengs hand.

    His sister-in-law was driving while Ming Anyu sat beside Ming Zhongsheng.

    "An An" Ming Zhongsheng fluttered his eyelids as he gazed at Ming Ansheng. He couldnt seem to utter his name.

    Ming Ansheng nodded. "Relax and breathe slowly."

    He was terrified as this heart attack seemed different from the previous ones.

    The old man had something to say to him.

    Before, he didnt have any words for him.

    He tried to console his grandfather as he placed his ear to his mouth.

    Ming Zhongsheng seemed to have stopped breathing. Only his hands were stirring feebly.

    He held Ming Anyus hand with one hand.

    Ming Ansheng sensed that he was trying to place his and Ming Anyus hand together.

    After he comprehended, he immediately grabbed Ming Anyus hand.

    " brothers"

    Ming Ansheng could only hear the last word: brothers.

    The old man began to gasp once more, and it became faster.



    Ming Anyu and Ming Ansheng were both scared stiff and they tried their best to save him.

    But no matter how anxious or how loud they yelled, the old man didnt make it.

    The entire Ming family fell into depths of despair and sorrow with Ming Zhongshengs sudden death.

    Ming Ansheng brought Beibei to the funeral hall. Throngs of visitors came to pay their last respects to Ming Zhongsheng.

    The little boy was well-behaved, and he followed whatever Ming Ansheng did.