Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1509

    Chapter 1509 The End Of Love Part Ten

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    Su Yue halted her footsteps and her eyes flickered.

    She avoided Wang Yuexiangs face and swept past her. She glared at Ming Ansheng and spat, I have already left Ming Ansheng, and I promised that I wouldnt bother him. Why cant you let me off?

    She was hollering at him, and she was getting out of control.

    It confused Ming Zhongsheng. What crazy nonsense are you talking about? What do you mean by I didnt let you off?

    Su Yue assumed that Ming Zhongsheng was pretending and she coldly vowed, If something happens to Jiao Chen, I will make you pay with your life.

    This warning left everyone dumbfounded, and cold sweat had drenched them.

    This young lass was so bold to confront the old master. She even vowed to make him pay with his life.

    What Jiao Chen, Li Chen? Her accusations baffled Ming Zhongsheng. Explain what you have just said.

    He pushed Wang Yuexiang away and walked to Su Yue.

    You deserved to die! You damn old fellow! Su Yue screeched at Ming Zhongsheng.

    She lunged forward and her expression was murderous. She looked as though she was about to kill someone at the moment.

    It terrified everyone, especially Wang Yuexiang.

    She stood anxiously beside them. Yueyue

    Who allowed you to come to our house and act so brazenly? She had managed to rile up Ming Zhongsheng, and he raged, Is it Yan Rusheng? Flourish & Prosper may be influential and powerful, and others may be afraid. But Bright Vision isnt!

    He stumbled after he hollered at her, as though he had lost his balance.



    Everyone rushed forward to support Ming Zhongsheng.

    He panted, trying to catch his breath. You you are an evil creature!

    Second Young Master is back.

    The butler nervously announced.

    Everyone turned to the door. Ming Ansheng caught a glimpse of his grandfather being supported by Ming Anyu and his sister-in-law. He was momentarily stunned.

    He saw Su Yue and he whispered, Su Yue.

    Dont call me. Su Yue turned around to glare at Ming Ansheng.

    She turned to Ming Zhongsheng and pointed at him. I wont let you off.

    What have I done? How dare you come to my house and yell at me! Everyone deeply respected Ming Zhongsheng, and yet this was the first time a young lass had provoked him.

    And she had cast away all respect and manners. He panted heavily as he pointed at Su Yue, and he tried to retaliate.

    I understand that you didnt have parents to teach you. But this doesnt give you the right to accuse someone and to be unreasonable.

    His words were hurtful and Ming Anshengs heart was aching for Su Yue.

    He glanced at Ming Anyu and his sister-in-law. Arent you sending grandfather to the hospital?

    He glanced at Su Yue and emotions were whirling in his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, but Su Yue had already cut across him. With a vicious gleam in her eyes, she hissed, You will have retribution for whatever youve done. You will pay for your selfishness and heinous deeds.

    Su Yue! Ming Ansheng couldnt take it any longer, and he lifted Su Yue off her feet. Believe me. My grandfather didnt do it.

    Su Yues heart plunged to the bottom. Ming Ansheng, let me off!

    She punched him and struggled to get off.

    You still chose to side with your grandfather despite everything. She wrestled her way out of Ming Anshengs arms and she smiled coldly. The expression in her eyes contained despair and anguish. Did you know that he tried to kill me he

    Her eyes were glistening and something seemed to have choked her throat. She pointed at Ming Zhongsheng who was still standing in the courtyard. She thought of how Jiao Chen had almost died and how he was in the intensive care unit for weeks. She trembled with anger and lashed out, He wants me dead! He wants to kill me!

    Su Yue exploded and pushed Ming Ansheng away before she buried her head with her hands.