Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1508 1

    Chapter 1508 The End Of Love Part Nine

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    He rushed into the garage to get the car.

    On the way, he dialed someones number. "Su Yue just came back. She seemed to have overheard my conversation with Xuxu and ran out. She might go to your house."

    By the time he ended the call, he was already in the garage.

    He opened the door and got in.

    Xuxu followed after and got into the car.

    She fastened her seatbelt and said, "Quick. Shes on foot. Chase after her quickly."

    Yan Rushengs expression was grave. He didnt say a word as he steered the car out of the garage.

    The butler had already opened the gates for them. He stepped on the accelerator and sped off.

    The taxi stopped at the entrance of a luxurious mansion.

    Two red lanterns were hung at the entrance.

    Su Yue got off the taxi and stood at the gate to the courtyard, furiously ringing the doorbell.

    All the lights in the pitch-dark mansion slowly turned on.

    The lights in the guardhouse turned on as well. The butler of the Ming household came out in a large sweater. He yawned as he looked at the small girl who was furiously ringing the doorbell. "Who are you?"

    Su Yue stared at him. "Open the gate."

    Her malicious expression startled him.

    It was in the middle of the night and furthermore he had never seen her before. Of course, he didnt dare to open the gate for her.

    He walked closer to her and continued sizing her up. "Who are you? What are you doing here in the dead of night?"

    His hairs stood on end when he saw how thin she was, and furthermore, her hair was all over the place.

    "Butler Fu, whos ringing the doorbell?"

    Ming Zhongsheng stood at the entrance of the house in a large sweater.

    He started walking over.

    The other family members followed him. All of them were jolted from their sleep and were in a bad mood.

    All of them were complaining.

    "Whos that ringing the doorbell so late at night? Must be crazy."

    They knew that it wasnt a family member, for they didnt need to ring the doorbell.

    Ming Zhongsheng reached the courtyard gate first. It startled him when he saw Su Yueher glare was murderous.

    Confused and shocked, he asked, "Lass, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?"

    Then he gave the butler a meaningful glance.

    The butler knew what he meant and immediately opened the gate.

    Su Yue was like a beast that was just released from a cage. The moment the gate opened, she ferociously flew towards him. "Why?"

    She was so engulfed by her anger that she didnt care that she was approaching an old man in his eighties.

    She was bent on revenge. First, this old man caused the death of the benevolent grandmother that her third sister-in-law missed dearly. Now, he paid someone to kill her that consequently resulted in Jiaojiao lying in the intensive-care unit with his life still in danger.

    If she was wielding a knife, she would have killed him without hesitation.

    Su Yue stood on her tiptoes and glared at Ming Zhongsheng venomously, emanating a dangerous aura.

    Although he was facing a young girl, Ming Zhongsheng was still slightly afraid. He instinctively retreated a few steps. "Are you crazy? Why are you making a scene at our house in the middle of the night?"

    Then First Young Master rushed forward. He grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her away.

    He pulled her toward the gate.

    "Let go of me." Su Yue went berserk. She tried to break out of Ming Anyus grasp in a fit and flew towards Ming Zhongsheng in a rage.

    "Yueyue." Ming Anshengs mother suddenly stepped forward and stood in front of Ming Zhongsheng. Her voice was gentle, and her gaze was ever so benevolent.