Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1507 1

    Chapter 1507 The End Of Love Part Eight

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    So, the previous time he fought with the athletes from Union University, it was because of her?

    Jiaojiao was even better than she could see and imagine.

    He was so good to her, yet what did she do for him?

    She buried her face in her hands and took a deep breath.

    If she had known But then again, how would she?

    Ill stay here and watch him. You go home and have a good rest. You havent showered and changed your clothes in a few days. I have to go home for a while in the afternoon tomorrow. You can come by then.

    Jiao Chens mother was afraid that she would be stubborn, so she added, When he wakes up, I was thinking of asking you to help me take care of him once in a while. But Im afraid you wont be able to if you carry on like this.

    Probably because she wasnt too acquainted with Su Yue, her tone was polite.

    Sure. Su Yue nodded.

    She felt that her words made sense. Xuxu had told her the same thing too.

    Although it was in the wee hours of the morning, there were many taxies waiting at the entrance of the hospital. Su Yue hopped onto one and told the driver her address. Then she rubbed her temples and fell asleep in the car.

    She asked the butler to open the door when she arrived.

    The side lamp in the living room was still on as usual, but it wasnt very bright.

    She walked upstairs.

    She didnt feel this way back in the hospital, but once she reached home, she felt lethargic so she trudged to her room.

    She rubbed her temples with one arm and pressed the other against the wall, groping her way to her room.

    The culprit said that Ming Anshengs grandfather was the one who gave the order?

    Suddenly, Xuxus voice sounded from her room.

    Su Yue froze.

    Ming Anshengs grandfather gave the order? The order to do what?

    She halted her steps and crept closer to Xuxus room door. It was ajar so she placed her ear at the gap between the door and its frame.

    Yan Rusheng replied, Thats what the culprit said.

    Xuxu widened her eyes in disbelief. He wants to kill Su Yue?

    Theres something fishy about this. Yan Rushengs voice turned colder. Although that old man is stubborn and prideful, he wouldnt be so brutal.

    Xuxu nodded in agreement. She frowned. But since the culprit said that, then Yueyue mustve been the target. If it wasnt Ming Anshengs grandfather, then who?

    Yan Rusheng had just gotten home, and he was still in his office clothes as he leaned lethargically against the head of the bed.

    He was frowning too, pondering over the same question as Xuxu.

    Su Yues mouth widened in horror and she paled. Her gaze was murderous and filled with hatred.

    She had already agreed to break up with Ming Ansheng because she didnt disrupt his life anymore. She had granted the old man his wish.

    So why?

    Why didnt he let her off?

    Why did he insist on viciously sending her to her grave?

    Her fists clenched and her veins popped.

    Her delicate and pretty face turned malicious.

    She turned around and sprinted down the steps.

    Yueyue, when did you come back?

    Yan Weihong was in his pajamas as he groggily came out of his room. He saw her rushing down the stairs.

    Xuxu and Yan Rusheng immediately came out of the room when they heard him.

    Yueyue is back? Xuxu asked Yan Weihong.

    Yan Rusheng had already rushed downstairs.

    The main door was open and Su Yue had already sprinted out. He left the courtyard, only to see Su Yues small frame disappearing into the distance.