Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1505 9

    Chapter 1505 The End Of Love Part Six

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    She changed her clothes and entered the intensive-care unit. Repeatedly, she told herself,Dont cry. Just tell him everything youve buried deep inside your heart.

    But she couldnt help her tears from flowing down her face as the words rolled off her tongue.

    She stared at his closed eyes and cried, "You idiot. Didnt you say that youll like me only after I like you?"

    She placed her head in Jiao Chens palm. She choked. "Why did you like me when I havent fallen for you yet?"

    Her tears cascaded down her face and it landed in his palm.

    "Why were you so foolish? Havent we already broken up? Didnt you say that you didnt like me yet, and you were fine with calling it quits?"

    She sobbed silently.

    She thought,If I had known this would happen, I wouldnt have made it so difficult for you.

    If I had seen this coming, I wouldve tried harder to fall for you.

    "Su Yue, its time to go."

    The nurse called from the entrance.

    Su Yue nodded and lifted her head. She stared at his face, wanting to say something but the words got stuck in her throat. She pursed her lips and prepared to leave.

    Suddenly, she felt a weak grip around her hand, which was still wrapped around his.

    Who was it?

    Su Yue froze as her eyes brimmed with tears.

    Then she came to her senses and broke out in a smile. "Jiaojiao"

    Su Yue turned to look at her hand. Jiao Chens fingers were bent, and his middle finger was clutching the joint of her middle finger.

    She haphazardly wiped her tears and smiled, bending closer to his face. "Jiaojiao."

    Her tears fell on his chapped lips, moisturizing them.


    His lips moved but were still very weak.

    "Ill go call the doctor." Su Yue wiped her tears again and yelled at the door. "Doctor, doctor! Hes awake."

    The nurses had already arrived.

    The doctor-in-charge and a few assistant doctors arrived shortly after.

    Jiao Chens mother was staying in an unoccupied ward, so Su Yue told one of the nurses to inform her.

    She was in her early forties and had shoulder-length black hair tied into a loose braid.

    She was tall at 1.7 meters.

    Although she looked weary, she still looked undeniably beautiful. Jiao Chen had definitely inherited his flawless skin from her.

    And their features were too similar.

    They did a check on him.

    Then they left the ward. The doctor said, "The patient indeed woke up earlier than expected, but his vital signs are still weak."

    Su Yue and Jiao Chens mother frowned and grabbed the doctors elbow at the same time.

    He smiled and comforted, "But of course, you guys shouldnt worry. Hes getting better."

    "Really?" Su Yue excitedly asked. "When will he wake up? When will his life be out of danger?"

    The doctor replied, "Hes already gained consciousness. If he has sufficient willpower, hell wake up in no time."

    Su Yue nodded and released her grip on his elbow.

    The doctor took one last glance at both of them, turned around, and left.

    Su Yue turned around and stood at the door to the ward. She was in a daze.

    Jiao Chens mother walked over to her and followed her gaze. Her heart indescribably ached when she saw her son lying motionless on the bed.

    After a moment of silence, Jiao Chens mother said to her, "Su Yue, you should go back and rest."