Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1504 4

    Chapter 1504 The End Of Love Part Five

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    Su Yue didnt take it from her.

    Xuxu placed the thermos flask and lunch box on the bedside cabinet. She frowned, chiding her softly. Jiao Chen risked his life for you. Arent you letting him down by ruining your health?

    Her eyes turned red.

    Tears flowed down Su Yues face. Third sister-in-law! she cried, hugging Xuxu.

    She lay against her chest, sobbing.

    She recalled that fateful moment when Jiao Chen rushed behind her and embraced her from the back. Her heart ached until she couldnt breathe.

    Xuxu knew that she had to vent her emotions, so she let her cry for a while longer. When she had calmed down, Xuxu patted her head gently. Dont cry. You cant torture yourself like this, do you understand?

    Jiao Chen had risked his life to save hers.

    If she didnt treasure it, she would let him down.

    Su Yue bit her lip and nodded.

    Then she let go of Xuxu and picked up the lunch box of food. She started gobbling it up.

    Seeing this, Xuxu said nothing.

    She thought,At least shes willing to eat now.

    Jiao Chen had been lying in the intensive care unit for half a month. They wrapped his head with bandages, and he was relying on oxygen tubes to breathe.

    Su Yue lay on the chairs outside the door of the intensive care unit every day.

    She was persistent, and nobody would force her because, with her current state, she was easily agitated.

    It was late at night.

    Su Yue was the only one in the corridors. Every day, she drifted in and out of sleep.

    She had lost so much weight that her eyes were already caving in. Her face was no longer as rosy.

    It was as though something had sucked out her liveliness and vitality in an instant.

    After she napped for around another one hour, she opened her eyes in a panic and stood up.

    She ran to the door of the ward and looked at Jiao Chen.

    He was still lying there, motionless.

    Su Yue, Im checking on him. Do you want to join me?

    Suddenly, Jiao Chens doctor-in-charge arrived. He offered to let her in when he saw her looking worriedly through the window.

    Excitement filled her. Really?

    He smiled. Lets go change our clothes.

    Alright. Su Yue followed after him with eager steps.

    A tall man was standing in the corner. He retreated two steps into the darkness and turned around to lean against the wall.

    His eyes were bloodshot, and he looked weary.

    He was now in the pitch-black staircase landing.

    He tucked his hands into his pockets. He retrieved a packet of cigarettes and placed one in his mouth and lit it up.

    He flicked the switch and the light-filled the landing in an instant.

    However, he kept his lighter. His slender fingers held onto the cigarette, but there was a somber look on his face.

    Suddenly, the phone in his pocket started ringing.

    He cautiously glanced at the door to the staircase landing before picking up the call. He put the phone to his ear as he walked down the stairs.

    Keep an eye on him. Im on my way.

    He ended the call before dialing another number.

    Third Yan, Ive found the culprit.

    Jiaojiao, can you wake up quickly?

    Are you not going to teach me how to play basketball next semester?

    Im really not dumb. Its just because I grew up in Country Y, so Ive never heard of some idioms that the teacher uses in class.

    I promise that Ill study hard next semester. I wont sleep in class and I wont secretly read my novels anymore.