Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1503

    Chapter 1503 The End Of Love Part Four

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    "Second Aunt!" Su Yue slumped towards Mu Li, and she gripped her arms tightly. "Did we have our reunion dinner? Did I go out after dinner? I didnt, right?"

    Her eyes were red, and her face was drained of color.

    Mu Lis eyes were welling up with tears as she looked at her.

    Su Yues heart plunged. As she turned around, she collapsed against the wall.

    "Yueyue!" Mu Li hurriedly supported Su Yue.

    "Where is Jiaojiao?" Su Yue grabbed Mu Lis arm in desperation. She sobbed. "Where is he? What happened to him?"

    She remembered that he didnt respond no matter how she yelled.

    And she saw blood on her hands there was a lot of blood.

    "He" Mu Li rubbed her eyes and her throat seemed constricted. "He is in the intensive care unit his condition is"

    "Which hospital? Bring me there." Su Yue grabbed Mu Lis hand and she almost dug her fingernails into her flesh.

    Mu Li agreed and said, "Okay, but calm down first. Ill bring you there."

    She held Su Yues hand and consoled her gently. "He is in the ICU and were unsure of his condition. Dont worry too much now. Go get changed."

    Mu Li led Su Yue back to her room.

    They entered the room and Mu Li randomly selected an outfit for Su Yue from the wardrobe.

    Su Yue changed without washing up or brushing her teeth.

    When she reached the hospital, she went straight to the intensive care unit. There was a row of people sitting there.

    She only knew Xuxu, and the rest were unfamiliar faces.

    Su Yue widened her eyes and she walked in a daze, glancing briefly at the strangers.

    She recognized one of themit was Jiao Chens sister.

    "Yueyue." Xuxu stood up.

    She stretched her hands to support her.

    Su Yue didnt respond and merely strode towards the intensive care units glass panel.

    She peered inside.

    A person, with many tubes inserted into his body, was inside. His head and face were heavily bandaged that she couldnt even see the face.

    "Jiaojiao" Su Yue broke down.

    She screamed in agony before losing consciousness.

    For the entire week, Su Yue fainted several times after she had learned about Jiao Chens condition.

    She refused to eat, so she had to get glucose through an IV drip.

    When she woke up once more, she didnt even have the strength to sit up. After using tremendous effort, she finally managed to heave herself up and slumped weakly against the bed frame.

    The door opened.

    Xuxu had a white paper bag with her.

    "Third sister-in-law." Su Yue gazed at her nervously and asked, "Is Jiaojiao awake? Is he better?"

    She clenched Xuxus arm as though she was afraid that she would run away

    Xuxu placed the paper bag on the table before sitting on the edge of the bed. In a soft voice, Xuxu replied, "The doctor said that his condition has improved."

    A glimmer of hope sparkled in Su Yues eyes. She tightened her grasp and she eagerly said, "Really?"

    Wen Xuxu nodded. "Mm."

    "I want to see him," Su Yue said as she pulled her blanket.

    Xuxu stopped her and said, "Can you eat something first?"

    She rose and took out a thermos flask and lunch box from the paper bag.

    Then she placed it before Su Yue.