Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1502

    Chapter 1502 The End Of Love Part Three

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    Su Yue frowned at Jiao Chen. "Its deserted everywhere. Where are we going for supper?"

    "Just follow me," Jiao Chen replied, and he raised his eyebrows in amusement. "Are you afraid that I will sell you away?"

    Su Yue grinned cheekily. "You wont."

    She opened the door once more and got down.

    Jiao Chen followed suit and held his car keys and phone in his hands.

    They rounded the car and walked in the direction of the mall.

    The winds were piercingly cold.

    "Cant you just reveal a little about where we are going to?" Su Yue grinned at Jiao Chen.

    It was so quiet on Chinese New Years Eve. There wasnt anyone around, so who would set up a stall here?

    Jiao Chen decided not to keep her in suspense. "Didnt you come here before?"

    Did she come here before? Su Yue pondered for a second before asking, "Your sisters stall?"

    Jiao Chen merely smiled in response.

    It perplexed Su Yue. "Wasnt your sisters stall inside the mall?"

    They walked in unison.

    Jiao Chen made a turn when they got near the shopping mall. Su Yue obediently followed him.

    Suddenly, a bright beam of light shone at them.

    A crease appeared in between Jiao Chens eyebrows and he reacted instantly. "Susu!"

    Su Yue only heard Jiao Chens voice and by the time she reacted, he seemed to have dashed behind her at lightning speed. He put his arms around her to protect her.

    The next second, they were flung two meters away.

    The black car sped off in a heartbeat.

    They collapsed on the ground. Su Yue laid on top of Jiao Chen when they landed. Her eyes were huge with shock and terror.

    Her heart had stopped.

    "Jiaojiao!" Su Yue bounced off Jiao Chen in a split second.

    She grabbed Jiao Chens arm and shook him furiously. "Jiaojiao"

    He was lying there, motionless, and unresponsive.

    Something warm was flowing towards her knees and Su Yue looked down. She smeared it with her fingers and

    It horrified her!

    "Jiaojiao! Jiaojiao!" She nudged, shouted, pushed and yelled

    But he remained unconscious. She sniffed and her tears gushed down. "Jiaojiao, get up now! Wake up!"

    Her cries echoed in the field.

    But he simply remained motionless.

    "Jiaojiao, wake up" Su Yue cried as she hugged Jiao Chen tightly. She tried to heave him up with all her strength.

    She sobbed as she said, "Ill bring you to the hospital Ill bring you to the hospital"

    Jiao Chens phone continuously rang.

    "Jiao Chen!"

    Before Su Yue blacked out, she heard someone calling Jiao Chen. Then she remembered nothing else.

    She had no idea how long she had slept. When she woke up, her world seemed to have turned white.

    Her eyes wandered around.


    Suddenly, she shrieked and sat up. She flung the blanket off her.

    She walked across the room barefooted.

    She was in her own room. She was at home.

    So, it was merely a dream. It was just a dream. She had dreamt that she was lighting fireworks with Jiaojiao, and he brought her for supper. She even heard him calling her Susu in her dream.

    She was dreaming

    Her hair was in a mess, and she wrenched the door open.

    Her footsteps were unsteady that she needed to hold on to the wall. She brushed her hair as she walked.

    "Yueyue. Youre awake!"

    Su Yue met Mu Li before she reached the landing of the staircase.