Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1500

    Chapter 1500 The End Of Love Part One

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    The mysterious man hung up, and he seemed even more murderous.

    He looked repulsive and menacing.

    "The fireworks are so beautiful," Su Yue remarked to herself as she peered at the night sky. The smile on her face seemed to have frozen.

    The last firework exploded with a huge bang in the sky.

    The brilliantly colored fireworks reflected in Su Yues eyes, just like the dazzling and sparkling stars that are out of anyones reach.

    No matter how splendid the fireworks were, it only lasted for a moment.

    Just like youth, sorrow, and excitementeventually, in a blink of an eye, everything would fade away.

    In the end, ordinariness might prove to be a wiser option.

    Jiao Chen gave a thought-provoking smile as he looked at the sky. The fireworks had all vanished; smoke was the only thing left.

    But they seemed to clamor for more.

    After a long while, Su Yue finally withdrew her gaze to glance at Jiao Chen. "Jiaojiao, when did you come back? I thought you went to your grandmothers place?"

    He told her before that his fathers family was living in a small city next to the capital city. It wasnt far, but he would need to drive for at least three hours if there wasnt any traffic.

    It was the night before the Chinese New Year, and yet he was already back in the capital city. Perhaps he didnt go back?

    Jiao Chen replied, "I came here after dinner."

    It puzzled Su Yue.

    Jiao Chen knew what Su Yue was going to ask next. "In that town, they always have dinner early, usually before evening."

    He finished dinner at 6 p.m., and he merely wanted to take a spin. Before realizing it, he was already on the expressway back to the capital city.

    On a road that he couldnt turn back.

    Since he couldnt turn back, he simply had to follow his heart.

    "Your grandmother should be delighted to see you."

    Jiao Chen mentioned his father and his family a few times. Su Yue reckoned that they had accepted him an illegitimate son.

    When she met his sister before, she was warm and friendly. She even reminded him to go home more often even though they didnt seem exceptionally close.

    One shouldnt merely judge a book by its cover. But her instincts were usually right.

    Su Yues mouth curled into a tiny smile, and she gazed ahead of her.

    The river looked filthy in the daytime, but at night, it seemed no different from a clean lake. A gentle breeze blew across the surface, and it made the water glitter in the dark.

    Her hands were feeling cold from the brutal winds, and so she rubbed her palms together. Then she stuffed her hands into the pockets of her winter coat.

    Both of them stood in silence for some time before Jiao Chen suddenly responded vaguely with anoh.

    Su Yue was stumped for a moment, before recalling the question she had asked him.

    She smiled at him. "What is on your mind?"

    Jiao Chen smiled back at her. "About your question."

    His warm smile melted the chilliness of the night.

    Su Yues head could only reach his shoulders and she needed to raise her head to look at him. She frowned, looking puzzled. "Do you even need to think?"

    In the pale moonlight, the girl stood with her head raised. The guy bent his head, watching the girl intently. This scene made hearts flutter since they seemed so compatible and perfect.

    Su Yue pressed her lips and muttered, "Seems like I have a really nice grandmother, too."

    Third sister-in-law said that their grandmother was a warm and easy-going lady. She was still child-like despite her age.

    But she had never met her before.

    Anshengs cousin had caused your grandmothers death

    I indirectly caused her death

    Uncle Mings cousin killed their beloved grandmother. Third Brother and Third sister-in-law must have hated the Ming family.

    "Lets go and eat supper," said Jiao Chen all of a sudden.