Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1499

    Chapter 1499 Is This Really The End Of Us? Part Ten

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    Su Yue was surprised when she saw the text.Are you outside my house?

    She immediately put on her slippers and walked to the main door.

    Xuxu looked at her looking perplexed. Yueyue, whats wrong?

    Jiaojiao said he is outside our house. Ill go out to take a look, Su Yue hollered back over her shoulder as she stepped out of the house.

    Jiaojiao?Xuxu was startled to hear that, but then a smile crept to her face after a while.

    Su Yue bolted for the courtyard gates and her eyes wandered around looking for him.

    She saw a white car a short distance away, and a man in white standing next to it. She beamed and opened the gates.


    Su Yue ran towards Jiao Chen.

    Jiao Chen smiled at her. Lets go and light up fireworks.

    In the pale moonlight, he seemed exceptionally gentle and gorgeous.

    Su Yue nodded without hesitation. Okay! Ill go change my shoes.

    She turned around and ran back towards the house.

    She opened the shoe cabinet and took out her shoes. She hastily put on them as she informed Xuxu, Third sister-in-law, Im going out with Jiaojiao. I will be back soon.

    Okay, Xuxu agreed with a smile.

    In her heart, she preferred Jiao Chen more as compared to Ming Ansheng. But no one shouldnt interfere with the affairs of the heart.

    It didnt matter if Su Yue would forget Ming Ansheng and fall in love with Jiao Chen instead.

    Since Jiao Chen looked for her, it would be good for them to have more opportunities to develop their relationship.

    She felt sorry for Su Yue who was sitting in a daze earlier on.

    Across the main road, there was a moat bridge. Jiao Chen parked the car, and Su Yue got off after unfastening her seatbelt.

    Jiao Chen brought out the fireworks from the car trunk and placed it in a row on the ground.

    Su Yue was a little worried. Jiaojiao, will we get arrested?

    They were still within the city area where fireworks were forbidden.

    Jiao Chen winked at her and whispered, We will escape right after we light them up.

    Su Yue was speechless

    Jiao Chen fondly smiled at her and walked towards the fireworks. He lit them up one by one using a lighter.

    The fireworks shot up into the night sky, exploding in brilliant and vibrant colors. It seemed to illuminate the entire capital city.

    Many passersby came to take pictures.

    There were different designs and suddenly, rainbow-shaped fireworks exploded before Su Yues eyes. She yelled excitedly, Wow! Look at it. Its so beautiful!

    She raised her head, looking delightful as she admired the fireworks.

    Jiao Chen intently watched her with a contented smile.

    They havent really started, yet he couldnt forget her.

    He didnt seem to have invested much effort in their relationship, yet it was hard for him to let go.

    He wasnt feeling sad nor did it affect his daily life. But he missed her badly and frequently.

    Su Yue, no matter how brilliant or beautiful the fireworks were, they pale compared to you.

    Jiaojiao! That one! Su Yue saw another firework and she tugged at Jiao Chen in excitement. She pointed to the night sky, and shouted, Look at that! Its so pretty!

    Jiao Chens train of thoughts were disrupted, and his gaze followed the direction that Su Yue was pointing at.

    All he wanted was for their gazes to overlap and to admire the same scenery as her.

    A black car was parked a short distance away from them. The driver was watching the young couple with a murderous gleam in his malicious-looking eyes.

    He was having a phone conversation using Bluetooth earpieces.

    Got it. I will make sure she is going to hell tonight.