Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1498 1

    Chapter 1498 Is This Really The End Of Us? Part Nine

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    The man was wearing a white wool sweater, and he stood motionless in the freezing night.

    Ming Ansheng uncurled his fingers, and he stared at the man with sheer intensity in his eyes.

    Suddenly, the man rested his back against the car door, as though he had no intention of leaving.

    Did they plan to meet, and he was waiting for her?

    At the thought of it, Ming Ansheng felt as though a giant rock was crushing his heart. And it didnt help that he didnt have any right to be jealous.

    He could only stare and watch.

    Seconds and minutes went by.

    But the guy resting against the white car didnt move; neither did Su Yue appear. He wasnt using his phone either.

    He was merely gazing at the mansion from afar.

    Ming Ansheng could only glimpse the side of his face. He couldnt see his expression.

    It puzzled him.

    After a while, that man withdrew his gaze and peered at his feet. He kicked the ground before he turned around. After opening the car door, he got in.

    The next moment, he switched on the headlights and the car sped off.

    Wasnt he there to look for Yueyue?

    Ming Ansheng narrowed his eyes in suspicion. He couldnt help but wonder.

    He was suddenly feeling wide awake and clear-headed.

    Ming Ansheng told himself,Since you have given her up so that she could find sunshine in her life once more, stop harping on it. Its over.

    He took a deep breath to recollect himself and opened the window. The cold winds jolted him back to his senses once more. Without hesitation, he ignited the car and left.

    After the reunion dinner, Mu Li and Yan Weihong dragged Yan Rusheng and Su Yan for a game of mahjong.

    Xuxu and Su Yue were watching TV while the twins had just fallen asleep after drinking milk.

    An entertainment show thoroughly amused Xuxu.

    She was giggling as she turned towards Su Yue. "Finally, there is a good variety show."

    Su Yue wasnt even looking at the TV, and she was staring at her phone. She was browsing WeChat absentmindedly.

    She didnt hear what Xuxu said and was evidently lost in her own thoughts.

    Xuxus smile vanished, and she sighed heavily to herself. She turned her head back to watch the TV.

    After repeatedly refreshing the app, she had read all the updates for the previous week.

    She was about to refresh the page again when a text notification interrupted her. She didnt get the chance to read the text when it disappeared.

    She went to her Inbox to click on the text. The familiar name made her smile.

    Happy Chinese New Year.

    It was a short text, and it was Jiaojiao who had sent it.

    It surprised Su Yue. It was the first time Jiaojiao contacted her after they had broken up, other than the time that he waited outside for her to have lunch together.

    Or perhaps he had sent it to all his friends, too.

    Nevertheless, she still replied,Hope you are happy, too.

    Jiao Chen replied almost immediately.How many red packets did you collect tonight?

    Su Yue grinned as she replied,Many! How about you?

    Jiao Chen replied,Im a grownup so I dont need red packets anymore.

    Was he implying that she was still a kid?

    Su Yue frowned in disapproval.As long as youre not married, you will always be a kid. You dont have anyone to give you red packets

    She was halfway through typing when she stopped. She hastily deleted the text.

    Before she could type a fresh text, Jiao Chen had replied.I was around your house and I have some fireworks with me. Lets go have fun together.