Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1497 1

    Chapter 1497 Is This Really The End Of Us? Part Eight

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    Ming Ansheng enlarged the photo and zoomed in on the dumplings that Su Yue had made. His gaze filled with tenderness and yearning.

    Darling, I have never eaten any dumplings you made.

    Daddy, am I handsome?

    The door swung open and a little boy dashed in.

    Not even Ming Ansheng could ignore his cuteness and innocence.

    Ming Ansheng glanced at the boy wearing a bright red traditional costume. He was fair and chubby, and his eyes were huge.

    He came to Ming Ansheng and tugged at his elbow. Daddy, lets go eat.

    The boy raised his head, and his innocent-looking eyes peered at Ming Ansheng intently. Anticipation was clear in his eyes.

    Ming Ansheng quietly smiled.

    He felt conflicted as he watched the little boy.

    Although he didnt reject this child he didnt know how to accept him either.

    This child was warm and enthusiastic towards him, but he didnt respond.

    Ansheng, time for dinner.

    Wang Yuexiang came and noticed the boy hugging Ming Anshengs arm. That scene left her startled for several seconds.

    She gazed at Ming Ansheng with her heart aching for her son.

    He had fallen in love twice, but both women were forced to leave him.

    Got it. Ming Ansheng raised his head and glanced at his mother.

    He rose and rubbed the boys hair before walking to the door.

    The little boy clumsily ran after him. Daddy

    His two stubby-looking legs had a hard time trying to catch up with Ming Ansheng.

    Wang Yuexiang extended her arms to scoop the boy. She gave him a peck on his cheeks. Let me carry you.

    Ming Ansheng stuffed his hands inside his pockets and marched down the stairs.

    Second Young Master.

    The servant greeted him softly.

    He nodded and asked, Everything ready?

    The old servant immediately understood him and she nodded. Its all ready. Ill go get them.

    There were three dishes; stewed prawns, braised meat, and sweet and sour fish.

    Ming Ansheng placed the dishes before his grandmothers portrait.

    He gazed at the portrait and gently stroked it.

    If it wasnt for Grandmother, he wouldnt be here tonight.

    Ming Ansheng sighed after some time. Grandmother, Happy Chinese New Year.

    He placed the incense in the burner and turned around. He swept past Ming Zhongsheng without a word.

    He didnt drink at all. Was he drunk?

    If he wasnt drunk, why would he be here?

    Ming Ansheng placed his head against the back of his car seat, and he glanced out of the window. The grand mansion from afar seemed to be enveloped in happiness that night.

    Suddenly, a white car drove past him, and it gradually slowed down.

    It should be headed to the Yans mansion.

    Who could it be?

    The white car stopped when it was near the main gates of the mansion.

    A man opened the car door and got off the car.

    He straightened his back, looking tall and graceful. He exuded youth and vitality.

    He was like a ray of sunbeam penetrating the darkness of the night.

    Ming Anshengs heart tightened, and his fists were curled into fists.