Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1496 5

    Chapter 1496 Is This Really The End Of Us? Part Seven

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    Xuxu remained silent and smiled instead.

    No, I have to upload this photo on WeChat. Su Yues eyes darted around as she looked for her phone. I want to take Third Brothers ugly dumplings too, to highlight how pretty my dumplings are.

    She said it with a cheeky grin.

    She separated the dumplings into three sections and took a photo.

    She seemed cheerful and it made Xuxu feel a sense of relief.

    She knew that Su Yue would slowly get back on her feet despite all the suffering and pain. In time, she would eventually get better.

    Miss, dinner is ready. Please go wash your hands.

    Aunt Zhang said that to Su Yue and Xuxu as she stood at the door.

    The elderly lady looked especially happy that day.

    They had additional family members this year and, of course, the twins arrival.

    Yan Weihong and the rest came down shortly. It was Chinese New Years eve so even the twins would be at the dining table, too.

    They settled down and Aunt Zhang came out of the kitchen with plates. She gazed at Yan Weihong and Mu Li who were carrying the babies.

    The old lady suddenly remarked, with her eyes glistening, It has been a while since it was this lively at home.

    Xuxu nodded. Yes, youre right.

    I remember that when Third Young Master was still young, the old madam would always carry him around. She refused to let anyone else carry him during the reunion dinner as well. Aunt Zhang mopped her eyes with her palms as she watched the twins with fondness in her eyes.

    Her words made even Yan Rusheng feel strangely nostalgic.

    Xuxu sniffed and smiled at Aunt Zhang. Come and eat with us.

    There are a couple of more dishes in the kitchen. You can eat first. Aunt Zhang turned around and walked back.

    She wiped the rest of her tears with her apron with her back facing them.

    Here you go, a red packet for each of you.

    Dinner had just started, and Yan Weihong took out several red packets. He started from Su Yan and ended with Su Yue.

    Youre the youngest, so yours is the biggest.

    Su Yue gazed at Yan Weihong in a reverie.

    Little lass, youve grown a year older.

    She reminisced how Ming Ansheng had given her a red packet last year, too.

    He was smiling at her affectionately with a gentle expression.

    Was he having his reunion dinner right now?

    They puzzled Yan Weihong when she didnt reach out to receive it. Whats wrong?

    Im fine. Su Yue shook her head and curled her lips. She received the red packet and said, Thank you, Second Uncle Yan.

    She gripped the red packet tightly in her hands and bit her lip.

    Her appetite abruptly vanished despite the sumptuous feast.

    The Ming family hustled together for the joyous occasion. The atmosphere was lively and cheerful.

    However, Ming Ansheng was in the study, cordoned off from the noise and happiness.

    He stretched himself as he finished browsing through a stack of documents. He raised his cup and took a sip of the cold tea.

    He picked up his phone and ignored the rest of the notifications. He clicked on WeChat.

    Zhou Shuang had just updated a congratulatory message to her friends.

    Ming Ansheng didnt read her message and clicked on other updates.

    What caught his eye was a familiar name that he missed so dearly.

    From the left, its mine, Third sister-in-law, and then Third Brother Hahaha Third Brother, are those considered dumplings? Third sister-in-law and my dumplings are beauties while his dumpling is a beast!

    Ming Ansheng smiled fondly at the photo, and his expression softened instantly.