Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1495 9

    Chapter 1495 Is This Really The End Of Us? Part Six

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    Su Yan rose and said to Yan Weihong, Second Uncle, I have something to discuss with you regarding work matters too.

    Only the thick-skinned ones were left.

    After Yan Weihong left, Xuxu became bolder and less bashful. She nudged Yan Rusheng and said, Go away. I dont need you here. I can do it by myself.

    She shoved him once more and cast a disdainful look at Yan Rushengs dumplings. What are you making? Its so ugly.

    Su Yue nodded in agreement and interjected, Indeed. Third Brothers dumplings are really ugly. Ill wash my hands and help you.

    She turned around and walked to the dining room.

    Other than Xuxu and Yan Rusheng, only Mu Li was left with Meowmeow.

    Madam Mu Li cast a swift glance at Xuxu and Yan Rusheng, and she noticed that her son was still hugging Xuxu. She couldnt stand watching them and she snorted loudly. So brazen.

    She carried the baby upstairs, too.

    Yan Rusheng grinned and his warm breath landed on Xuxus ear. Regardless of their appearance, we can still eat them as long as its cooked.

    Xuxu sneered coldly. In that case, ugly and beautiful women are all women. Why must men look for beautiful women then?

    How can you use that as a comparison? Yan Rusheng grinned wickedly at Xuxu. A man is more driven by the desire of a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman can arouse a man and entice him. But if its an ugly woman, the man would lose all his desires. How can it be the same?

    Xuxu was speechless

    Cant they just have a proper conversation for once?

    Just for once!

    Third sister-in-law, let me help you.

    Su Yue had washed her hands and came back. She sat down beside Yan Rusheng and eagerly picked up a dumpling skin.

    Yan Rusheng was getting bored as well, and he dusted his hands before retreating from the table.

    Only the two ladies were left.

    Its the Chinese New Year. Did you contact Bai Jing? Xuxu glanced at Su Yue.

    Su Yues eyes flickered and her expression became grave. She pursed her lips and replied, Third sister-in-law, dont ask about Bai Jing again.

    As she answered, she didnt stop wrapping the dumpling skins.

    Xuxu heard her and she was concerned. A crease appeared in the middle of her eyebrows and she pressed on. What happened to the both of you?

    It was normal for friends to quarrel, but theirs had taken way too long.

    Overwhelming instinct told her that Bai Jing had done something overboard and she had Su Yue because of it.

    Su Yue smiled. You care for her more. Im jealous.

    Xuxu smiled and replied, Silly girl, thats nonsense.

    Su Yue didnt want to confide in her so Xuxu stopped probing.

    She knew she had no right to interfere with Su Yues personal relationships.

    Xuxu dropped that matter and continued making dumplings.

    Su Yue stole a furtive glance at Xuxu. She had a faint smile and she looked so gentle and graceful.

    Su Yue hung her head in guilt. She pressed her lips before saying, Third sister-in-law, lets compete to see who can make the most dumplings.

    Alright. Xuxu nodded.

    They started to compete.

    Soon, they finished wrapping all the dumplings. Su Yue counted and realized that she made three more. Yay, I won! Su Yue exclaimed and clapped happily.