Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1494 4

    Chapter 1494 Is This Really The End Of Us? Part Five

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    Bai Jings body was shaking and she had an urge to puke.

    She closed her eyes and thought to herself that if she was given an opportunity now, she would kill Lei Yong right away.

    You and your mother are b*tches, but your mother is smarter. She knows that in order to survive, she has to sacrifice for the family. Any sacrifices.

    Lei Yong whispered in Bai Jings ear as his hands began to caress her body.

    Bai Jings expression had turned cold and murderous, and the hatred in her eyes was clear. Her expression was shocking and sent chills down the spine.

    Let me see if the mother or the daughters body taste better.

    Lei Yong grabbed Bai Jings leg and he entered her body.


    A high-pitched scream pierced the silence and reverberated around the room.

    It seemed to have shaken the entire hotel.

    He forced himself on her again and again.

    Bai Jing remained immobile and lifeless on the bed.

    There was a speck of blood on the white bedsheets.

    Her tears seemed to have dried up.

    The mans rough palms were still coursing aimlessly around her back as he caressed and stroked her gently. Apparently, he was still savoring the touch of her body.

    Actually, being with me is a good idea. Look at how happy and satisfied your mother is.

    Lei Yongs words disgusted her so much that Bai Jing felt nauseated. She was trembling as she closed her eyes.

    Her precious chastity should have been given to the one she loved the most on that night.

    Even if she was condemned for immorality, she would rather be banished to hell than have this scum robbing her of her chastity.

    She vowed to herself, Su Yue, I will never let you off!

    Bai Jing gripped the bedsheets, as her veins began to throb.

    During this time last year, snow heavily landed on the capital city. However, this year, the weather was wonderful.

    At the main doors, there were plenty of firecrackers and fireworks. Outside the courtyard, there were two huge brightly lit red lanterns.

    The whole mansion and courtyard were ready for a festive celebration.

    Before the reunion dinner, Mu Li and Yan Weihong sat on the couch carrying a baby on their laps, respectively. They were watching Xuxu and Yan Rusheng as they made dumplings.

    Su Yan sat at a corner watching them too, and the family was engaged in joyful conversations.

    Third Brother, your dumpling is really ugly.

    Su Yue came out from the kitchen and walked to the couch. She glanced at Yan Rushengs creations and gave him a disdainful look.

    Yan Rusheng frowned, looking affronted. You can try making one.

    He placed a dumpling carefully with the rest he had just made.

    He stood admiring his dumplings. He admitted that they didnt look too appetizing but he still felt a sense of achievement.

    He glanced at Xuxus dumplings and after comparing; he felt dejected.

    Wife, how did you make yours? Teach me. Young Master Yan smiled at Xuxu as he held up a dumpling skin.

    Like this Xuxu began to demonstrate.

    The steps were easy, and Yan Rusheng tried once more. But his dumpling still didnt look as good as hers.

    So he picked up another dumpling skin and embraced Xuxu from the back. He whispered in her ear, How about you guide me directly with your hands? Just like how Grandmother had taught us how to write.

    As though no one else was around.

    All of them were speechless

    Xuxu blushed bashfully, and she glared at Yan Rusheng in disapproval.

    Yan Rusheng pretended that he didnt notice her and pressed on. Come on, teach me.

    Ill go get water for the babies.

    Second Uncle Yan couldnt take it any longer, so he carried the baby upstairs.