Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1493

    Chapter 1493 Is This Really The End Of Us? Part Four

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    When the man reached the room, he halted his footsteps. He raised his head, glanced at the room number, and then smirked slyly to himself.

    He placed the room card on the sensor and the door opened.

    He gently pushed the door open, and he saw a faint light probably coming from a night lamp. The room was quiet.

    He shut the door softly behind him, and he strode purposefully to the bed.

    The girl was in a deep sleep and she didnt hear the man approaching her.


    Suddenly, the man gripped the blanket and chucked it away.

    The girl finally woke up and she screamed instinctively. "Ahhh!"

    The tiny girl scrambled to sit up, and she watched the man moving towards her in fear.

    She moved back, trembling badly.

    "No Dont come near me." Her palm-sized face drained out of color. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and was about to fall off the bed.

    The man lost all patience, and he pounced on her before he yanked at her hair. He stretched his hand and grabbed her arm forcibly to restrain her which he did so effortlessly.

    He pinned her down.

    "Lei Yong, what are you doing!" The girl struggled and screamed at the top of her lungs. "Let me go! Let me go now! You cant do this to me!"

    "Bai Jing, Ive already warned you to stop playing tricks. If the Lei family is doing well, we wont forget you. But you are scheming to escape." Lei Yong glared at her with a mutinous gleam in his eyes. As Bai Jing writhed and struggled to escape, her bathrobes loosened. It revealed her shoulders and collarbones.

    Lei Yongs eyes lit up with lust and desire, and he swooped down abruptly on Bai Jings lips.

    Bai Jings eyes were huge with shock and her head exploded.

    Her punches landed wildly everywhere on Lei Yongs body and back.

    She used both her legs and hands to resist.

    But Lei Yong was a raging beast! He didnt seem to feel her punches or kicks at all.

    His hands began to wander around her soft body.

    His rough kisses trailed downward and Bai Jing howled. "Lei Yong, youre a jerk! Despicable scum! Let me go! Let me go now!"

    No matter how she screamed and yelled, the man ignored all her protests.

    Bai Jing shut her eyes in anguish and her tears streamed down furiously.

    Suddenly, Lei Yong raised his head and straightened his back. He eyed her slyly and said, "B*tch. Youre still thinking about Yan Rusheng. Are you saving your chastity for that fellow?"

    He grabbed Bai Jings bathrobes and wrestled it away from her. Her naked body was presented before his eyes.

    Bai Jing stared at him in horror and she pleaded softly, "Lei Yong. Second Brother. Please let me go. I wont dare to do it anymore."

    "You wont do it again?" Lei Yong sneered coldly as he grinned at her. "But that wont do. Even if Yan Rusheng came here with a billion-dollar contract now, I wont take it."

    A lascivious smile appeared and he uttered, "A pure and clean beauty is harder to get."


    Lei Yong burst into laughter. He thoroughly enjoyed seeing Bai Jing in agony.

    Bai Jing clenched her teeth and her tears fell onto the pillows.

    But she didnt stop struggling.

    "Im going to make you suffer tonight." Lei Yong began to swiftly remove his clothes using his hand while the other pinned Bai Jing down.

    His massive body was against Bai Jings tiny frame, and there was nothing she could do.

    Lei Yong pounced on her without warning and he bit Bai Jings ear. His warm breath landed on her neck.