Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1492

    Chapter 1492 Is This Really The End Of Us? Part Three

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    Su Yue remained silent as she peered at the ground.

    The obstacles between them kept increasing. No matter what he had promised or what he wanted to do, it was impossible between both of them.

    Uncle Mings grandfather indirectly caused Grandmothers death. Third Brother and Third sister-in-law must have hated him.

    They must have hated the idea of her getting together with Uncle Ming. They might be close friends with Uncle Ming, but it was a different story if she married Uncle Ming. She would need to live with them and she had to treat his grandfather like her own.

    But Third Brother and Third sister-in-law were so good to her!

    "The child is turning four years old. He needs a father and a complete family. This is important for a child when he is growing up," Ming Zhongsheng deliberately said.

    He was aware of Su Yues childhood and the environment she grew up in. Having parents to dote on her was probably the one thing she had yearned for when she was a child.

    And true enough, he had successfully reminded Su Yue of the pain and suffering she went through.

    Indeed, every child needed both a father and a mother. A child should be loved and cared for. They deserve to have a happy childhood.

    She bit her lips and tears were streaming down her face. "Being a stepmother to your great-grandson has never crossed my mind."

    She turned and fled down the stairs.

    She held on to the railing with one hand as she mopped her tears carelessly with her other hand. Her tears furiously gushed down.

    She continuously wiped her tears.

    They had so many hurdles ahead of them; she knew it was impossible for them.

    Su Yue ran out and soon realized that she was penniless. She was wearing slippers and she walked aimlessly on the street.

    She was like a lost and lonely soul, roaming around in the night.

    In a premium outdoor bathing space in the capital city, a group of men had just finished their baths. They were topless as they gathered in a room to play mahjong.

    Everyone had a cigarette in their mouths, and the air was thick with smoke. Scantily dressed women sat behind them.

    The whole place reeked of an overwhelming lust and immorality.

    "I won." A man in his thirties grinned from ear to ear.

    The other three players glanced at his tiles with envy.

    The mans phone rang at this moment. The woman behind him picked up the call and placed it to his ear. "Hello," said the man.

    The ashes from his cigarette were scattered on his hand as he talked.

    He squinted his eyes, looking mutinous as he listened. "Where is it?"

    He shoved the mahjong tiles and stood up. He strode quickly out of the room with his phone.

    He completely ignored all his friends.

    "Lei Yong, where are you going?"

    "Be alert. Ill be right there." Lei Yong ended the call and he retraced his steps. He grinned wretchedly at his friends. "Im on my way to have a taste of something delicious."

    He picked up the clothes on his chair and slung them across his shoulders.

    He left the room, ignoring the teasing from the rest of the men.

    At the Majestic Hotel in the capital city.

    It was two in the morning, and the splendid main hall was quiet.

    A man wearing a black coat entered the hall and pulled the hood over his head. He marched quickly to the elevator.

    He pressed the elevator button after he entered.

    He walked out and a staff bowed at him. "Mister."

    He passed him a room card.

    The man received it and strode purposefully towards a room.