Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1491

    Chapter 1491 : Is This Really The End Of Us? Part Two

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    Ming Zhongsheng seemed to have a hidden meaning behind his words. Su Yue raised her head to peer at him.

    "Your grandmother" Ming Zhongshengs expression darkened and he paused. He gravely said, "Your grandmother was killed indirectly by Xinyi. She is Ming Anshengs cousin. And I can be considered one of the culprits, too. Do you think your family will agree to you marrying Ming Ansheng?"

    Su Yue widened her eyes in shock and her mouth hung open.

    Grandmother her brother had mentioned about their grandmother. The portrait of the benevolent-looking old lady in the living room Uncle Mings cousin killed her?

    Why did his cousin harm her grandmother?

    I heard that his grandfather didnt like your family, especially your third brother

    She recalled what Bai Jing had told her before. Uncle Mings grandfather hated her third brother, as though they had a feud.

    Was that the reason?

    Oh, my god! Why did this happen?

    Uncle Mings cousin killed their grandmother!

    So the reason Third Brother and Third sister-in-law had advised her not to inform Second Uncle and Second Aunt was because of that incident?

    Su Yue was feeling overwhelmed. Why didnt anyone tell her?

    Su Yues reaction further verified Ming Zhongshengs hunch. He was certain that Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng had kept this secret feud from her.

    A victorious smile played at the corners of his mouth. He deliberated before he carried on. "I have no idea why they allowed you to be together with Ansheng in the first place. But now that he has a son, how would they allow you to become a stepmother at the tender age of 18 and marry into our family?"

    "To be frank, I look down on your birthright. The Yan family may be prominent and reputable, but youre after all an illegitimate daughter." Every word he said stabbed Su Yue callously like a knife. He spared no mercy towards her. "My grandson is the future successor and heir to the company. Only a dignified lady of a proper status could match him."

    He was exceedingly proud of Ming Ansheng.

    Su Yue understood him. But she also knew that his pride came from the fact that Ming Ansheng had obeyed him since he was a boy. He was proud of this grandson who had become such an outstanding and brilliant successor under his guidance and care.

    She sarcastically said, "Ming Ansheng is just a tool to manage Bright Vision in your eyes. He exists only to earn profits for Bright Vision."

    Ming Zhongsheng snorted coldly in response. "This is his destiny the moment he was born."

    He surveyed Su Yue from head to toe and said, "I hope you know your place and stop bothering him. Youre still studying and you have a bright future ahead of you. You are pretty and your family is well-to-do, you can have anything you want."

    She could have everything she wanted, anything but Ming Ansheng.

    Su Yue bowed her head in despair.

    She blinked and her tears fell down like broken pearls. She wept in silence.

    Ming Zhongsheng gazed at her, and the triumph in his eyes gradually vanished.

    He softened his tone as her tears seemed to have revived his compassion. "Meiduo brought up their son all by herself these years. They should be together. It was my fault for breaking them up."

    He spoke with a hint of regret, but Su Yue felt that he was being ridiculous.

    Now he had regretted forcing Meiduo to leave Ming Ansheng after he saw them together. If Meiduo didnt live up to his expectations, would he regret his decision once more?