Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1490

    Chapter 1490 Is This Really The End Of Us? Part One

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    "Dad, lets go in to see Ansheng."

    Wang Yuexiang hurriedly grabbed his elbow and wanted to drag him away.

    Su Yues current state already made her heart ache.

    She was an energetic and lively child, but shed lost so much weight these few days.

    She couldnt let the old man say anything more to agitate her. Ansheng was the one who let her down, after all.

    "Why are you dragging me?" Ming Zhongsheng berated. He flung her hand away and looked at her as a warning.

    Wang Yuexiang frowned, frustration settling in. "Dad, are you trying to force him to his death? Things have already turned out like this. What more do you want? Youve already been forcing him all these years. Look at Third Yan, Ah Heng and the rest. Which one of them is like our Ansheng? Hes so hardworking, yet from his university to his career, none of them are truly to his liking."

    Her tone and gaze were telling of her unhappiness towards the old man.

    Ming Zhongsheng was used to being autocratic. They treated him as the emperor at home and no one dared to defy his commands. All of them feared him.

    No one ever had this disrespectful attitude towards him, except Ming Ansheng.

    No matter how unhappy they were, the most they would do was mumble two sentences under their breath. They didnt even dare to look him in the eye while they did.

    It outraged Ming Zhongsheng. "Wang Yuexiang, are you lecturing me?"

    Although he was furious, he was very image-conscious. They were at a hospital and furthermore it was nighttime. He didnt want to attract too much attention, so he kept his voice low.

    But his eyes were blazing with fire.

    Wang Yuexiang kept her head high and suppressed the feelings of fear bubbling inside her. She calmly said, "Im not lecturing you. Im just speaking up for my son."

    He sneered at her. "Youre too soft-hearted!"

    It was obvious that Wang Yuexiang was holding in her anger, too afraid to blow up at him. Seeing her wronged look, Su Yues heart ached for her.

    Although they didnt interact much, they got along well and she really liked this future mother-in-law.

    Besides, she was worried about Ming Ansheng being alone in the ward.

    Su Yue thought for a moment and wiped her tears away haphazardly. She looked at Wang Yuexiang and said, "Auntie, you should go in to check on Ming Ansheng."

    Then she looked at Ming Zhongsheng and said, "Grandfather Ming, Ill talk to you about whatever you have in mind."

    Then she turned around and walked towards the row of chairs near the escalator.

    Wang Yuexiang watched Su Yues small figure. Her heart ached as she continued to worry about her, but all she could do is to look down helplessly.

    She let go of Ming Zhongshengs elbow. She said coolly, "Dad, Ming Ansheng is your biological grandson. If something happens to Su Yue, it will definitely affect him."

    Then she turned around and walked towards Ming Anshengs ward.

    Ming Zhongsheng furiously glared at Wang Yuexiangs back view before heading towards Su Yue.

    Su Yue was sitting on a chair near the end. Her legs were outstretched and she crossed them casually and kept head bowed.

    Ming Zhongsheng walked over and sat down beside her. He turned to look at her for a while.

    Then he said in a deep tone, "Leave on your own accord. Youre only in your teens. Do you really want to be a stepmother?"

    Before Su Yue could reply, he smiled coldly. "Even if youre willing, your family wont agree. Yan Rusheng and your father, as well as Yan Weihong. All of them wont agree to it."