Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1488 1

    Chapter 1488 He Came Every Night Part Nineteen

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    She grabbed her phone and left the house. Afraid of alerting Su Yan, she closed the door gently.

    She walked to the lift landing and realized that something was amiss. She looked downwards and saw that she was still in her home slippers.

    She turned around before realizing that she had forgotten her keys.

    After some thought, she decided to keep them on.

    The door to the study opened and Su Yan walked out. He stared at the door that Su Yue had just closed before sighing helplessly. "Aish!"

    Then he turned around and entered the study once more.

    In the lift, Su Yue hugged herself. She looked up at the screen and watched the numbers decrease, her heart beating wildly.

    Uncertainty, excitement, anticipation as well as hesitation.

    The screen finally displayed basement two, and the doors opened.

    A cold gust of wind hit her and she hugged herself tighter. She walked out of the lift, looking around.

    In the black Mercedes, the man was lying down in the drivers seat. White shrouds of smoke dissipated out of the window.

    He stared blankly at the roof of the car.

    He looked completely distressed.

    "The security guard said that youll get 50 percent off when you buy a whole years worth of parking fees."

    Suddenly, a clear female voice sounded from outside the car.

    The man froze and the cigarette in his hand quivered. When the accumulated smoke had dissipated, he turned to look out of the window, meeting a pair of bright eyes.


    He felt guilty and hurriedly disposed of the cigarette in his hand, as though he was caught red-handed.

    Then he adjusted his clothes and opened the door. He then got out of the car.

    "Are you stupid?"

    Su Yue chided as her heart ached for him. Ming Ansheng, however, frowned and kept silent.

    Su Yues eyes turned red. She pushed him. "I said, are you stupid?"

    In her agitation, she used too much force and Ming Ansheng fell back two steps, his weak body almost unable to steady himself.

    "Youre sick and you dont know how to go to the hospital? You dont know how to eat medication?" She pushed him again.

    Her eyes welled up with tears.

    This time, Ming Ansheng kept his footing.

    His hands by his side moved slightly but he didnt extend them. He gazed intensely at Su Yue, and in a deep voice he said, "Dont cry."

    "Im not crying." Su Yue rubbed her eyes. Her eyes were red and her eyelashes were wet. But she stubbornly said, "I wont cry. Whats there to cry about? Your first love is back with your five-year-old son. I should congratulate you. Why should I be crying?"

    Her tears rolled down her face.

    As she had expected, he had lost much weight, even more than before.

    Her heart ached, but she hated how he was always like this, ruining his health.

    "Dont cry anymore." Ming Ansheng couldnt hold it in any longer. He stretched out his hands and wiped the tears off her face.

    His touch was still as gentle and affectionate as ever.

    But his hands were cold.

    "I said, Im not crying." Su Yue pushed his hand away.

    Sobbing, she asked, "Did you see me cry? When did I cry?"

    Her tears cascaded down her face.

    Ming Anshengs heart ached. He pulled her into his chest and comforted, "Alright, you didnt cry."

    Although it had only been slightly over ten days, it felt like a century since she was last in his familiar embrace. Su Yue selfishly thought,Its just a while. Just a while.

    Her arms wound around his back and she clutched his clothes, burying her face in his chest. She choked, "Youre so annoying. Why did you come?"

    Ming Ansheng didnt answer her.

    Su Yue felt that his entire body was weak. His face was pale and perhaps his stomach was in excruciating pain at the very moment