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    Chapter 1487 He Came Every Night Part Seventeen

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    Chapter 1487: He Came Every Night (Part Seventeen)
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    Once they entered, Su Yue looked at his handsome face. She bit her lip and hesitated before asking, Brother, do you like third sister-in-law?

    Su Yan momentarily froze. But before she could notice, he frowned immediately. Why did you even say that?

    Su Yue ordered, Youre not allowed to like third sister-in-law.

    Her third brother and third sister-in-laws love story was so beautiful. She would not allow anyone to ruin it.

    Su Yan frowned and feigned annoyance. Is your third brother more important than me?

    That has nothing to do with this, Su Yue argued. She changed into her slippers and entered the house. She went to the washroom to wash her hands before slumping on the sofa.

    She took out her phone from her bag and glanced at the screen, only to see two notifications regarding the latest news.

    She was disappointed.

    I have some things to do. You should shower and sleep early. Su Yan walked past her and walked straight into the study.

    Su Yue replied with an oh , barely processing what he said.

    She placed her phone down and picked up the television remote, turning the television on.

    A matchmaking show was on. A few female guests were on stage, debating and analyzing like lawyers who the male guest should choose.

    Their words were ruthless.

    She frowned and changed the channel.

    She didnt believe that these women couldnt find boyfriends. They only went on this program so that their faces would be shown on the big screens for everyone to see.

    Su Yue cursed under her breath as she switched channels. A war drama was showing on the next channel where a soldier lifted up an invader and threw him off the high city walls. A gruesome sight.

    She had no inkling about what was going on.

    She switched channels a few times, all of them not to her liking.

    Finally, she turned off the television. She flung the remote control onto the coffee table, almost breaking it.

    His stomach is acting up again, but he refuses to go to the hospital or eat his medication

    When she finally calmed down, Meiduos words from kept replaying in her mind.

    She took off her slippers and hugged her legs, resting her chin on her knees. She frowned and was in a dilemma.

    He comes every night and stays overnight in the carpark

    But why? Why?

    Su Yue buried her head in her hands and scratched her head in frustration. Her eyes turned red.

    The previous time his stomach acted up, he didnt want to go to the hospital either. He ended up losing so much weight that her heart ached when she saw him.

    Su Yan didnt leave the study once he entered.

    Time ticked by, and Su Yue felt like she was at a dead end. She couldnt find the exit and neither did she know the right direction to go in.

    She felt very lost and helpless.

    She picked up her phone. It was almost eleven p.m.

    She opened her WeChat and scrolled through Moments. Zhou Shuang had posted a few photos of her belly and her supper.

    She captioned it, Although it doesnt look good, its not too bad for your first try.

    She sounded so blissful.

    Su Yue pressed her lips and smiled with relief, but her smile revealed a little bitterness and a little jealousy.

    In the end, he was still mine.

    Persistence doesnt guarantee success, but the lack of it guarantees failure.

    In the blink of an eye, another ten minutes had passed. She looked at the clock. It was past eleven.

    The door to Su Yans study was still closed. Su Yue glanced at his door, her eyes filled with determination.