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    Chapter 1486 He Came Every Night Part Seventeen

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    Chapter 1486: He Came Every Night (Part Seventeen)
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    "What are you doing?!" Bai Jing panicked and tried to snatch it back from him. "Those are my messages. What right do you have to look at them?"

    But Lei Yong didnt give in to her. He took the phone out of her bag and the screen showed the message which she just received.

    Lei Yongs expression darkened. "Bai Jing, so youre secretly planning to move overseas."

    He gritted his teeth menacingly.

    "Give it to me." Bai Jing snatched her bag from him when he wasnt looking.

    Her actions were swift. However, her phone fell to the ground, with its screen cracking in the process.

    She hurriedly picked it up and ran for it before Lei Yong could grab her.

    She ran towards the main road.

    Lei Yong didnt manage to catch up with her. His eyes dangerously gleamed when he saw her leave in a cab.

    Hmph! Bai Jing, youll never escape from my clutches.

    Xuxu and Su Yue shopped until three in the afternoon.

    They returned to the Yans. Su Yue missed the twins since she hadnt seen them in days. She carried them around and couldnt bear to put them down.

    At night, Su Yan came over for dinner and to fetch her home. Yan Weihong chatted with Yan Rusheng and Su Yan about work over dinner.

    Su Yue and Su Yan left at eight p.m.

    Su Yan drove into the carpark and parked in their designated lot.

    Su Yue unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car. Su Yan followed after her.

    "Mr. Su."

    When they walked out of the carpark, a security guard suddenly ran towards them.

    Su Yan looked at him in confusion. "Yes?"

    The security guard smiled. "Do you know the owner of a black Mercedes S350, car plate number XXXX?"

    Su Yue froze.

    Wasnt that Uncle Mings car?

    Su Yan was about to say no, but he saw Su Yues reaction and he understood.

    He asked, "Whats wrong?"

    The security guard smiled and said, "He comes every night and stays overnight in the carpark, only leaving at four to five a.m. the next day. We watched the surveillance footage and saw that you had a conversation with him on a particular night last week."

    Su Yan replied, "Ive got it. Its fine."

    "Thats good. Were just ensuring that you know him." He nodded politely at Su Yan. "Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Su."

    Then he left.

    Su Yan glanced at his retreating figure and looked askew at Su Yue. "Lets go."

    Su Yue nodded and followed behind him.

    She kept her head bowed and her heart pounded wildly.

    He comes every night and stays overnight in the car park, only leaving at four to five a.m. the next day

    So he came over every night?

    But why?

    But why didnt he look for her then?

    Su Yues mind was racing as she followed Su Yan into the lift.

    Su Yan was watching her the entire walk back.

    He raised his eyebrow at her when they exited the lift. "What are you thinking about?"

    "Nothing," Su Yue replied, shaking her head and smiling at him.

    Su Yan asked, "What did you buy when you went shopping with Xuxu today?"

    "Oh, I left them at third sister-in-laws place." Su Yue smiled and added, "I even chose a tie for you. Itll definitely look good on you."


    "Trust my taste."

    Su Yan smiled. "I trust Xuxus taste more."

    Su Yue pouted. "I was the one who chose it."

    Su Yan smiled and said nothing further. He took out his keys and opened the door.