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    Chapter 1485 He Came Every Night Part Sixteen

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    Chapter 1485: He Came Every Night (Part Sixteen)
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    "Thats true." Bai Jing smirked to herself.

    Her smile and tone were full of sarcasm.

    Only a fool would believe him. Stand united as a family?

    What rights did she have? And who were they to her?

    Bai Jing refused to even glance at Lei Yong. Lei Yong realized that she was becoming more defiant and he sneered coldly. "I simply cannot understand why you are so adamant about keeping your chastity."

    It annoyed Bai Jing, and so she snapped at him. "Second Brother, stop saying all these. I have done everything you asked me to. What else do you want me to do?"

    She furrowed her eyebrows. She would have lashed out at him if they werent in a posh mall and if there werent people around.

    She was a tough nut to crack. It wasnt her first time retaliating, and she could still endure the pain or the humiliation.

    Lei Yong sneered coldly. "I have to admit, youre really smart. You manage to find a way out each time."

    Bai Jing overlooked his last statement and strode quickly away.

    "Bai Jing."

    A familiar voice sounded behind her.

    Hatred filled her eyes as she froze. She turned around with a smile in the next moment. "Su Yue."

    Su Yue scurried towards Bai Jing and she stopped in front of her, panting. She glanced at Lei Yong before she faced Bai Jing. "Lets talk in private."

    Lei Yong joked, "Why cant I listen to the conversation?"

    Su Yue really loathed Lei Yong, and she felt disgusted just by looking at him. She sneered coldly. "Its girls talk. Are you a girl?"

    "Miss Su, youre hilarious." Lei Yong chuckled and said, "Im really sincere about inviting you over to our place. Youre such good friends with Bai Jing."

    Although he didnt manage to work with Flourish & Prosper previously, Yan Rusheng did help Grand Prosperity Molds to clinch a huge deal. They reaped a huge profit from it.

    Yan Rusheng had merely referred them and he benefited so much. If only this lass was on their side, she would be a golden goose that lays golden eggs for them.

    Su Yue smirked, looking cold. "In the future, you wont have any chance to use Bai Jing to get near me."

    Lei Yong didnt understand. "Miss Su, what do you mean?"

    Bai Jings face hardened and she cut across Su Yue. "Lets chat next time. My mother is waiting for me."

    She tugged at Lei Yongs arm and dragged him along.

    Lei Yongs eyes gleamed with suspicion. He turned to eye Su Yue before glancing at Bai Jing.

    When he thought of what Su Yue had just said, his eyes flickered coldly.

    "Bai Jing, what was that lass talking about?" He shrewdly narrowed his eyes at Bai Jing.

    Bai Jing feigned nonchalance. "Nothing much, we fell out. Cant you tell? She wont even allow me to go to her house."

    But the more she tried to hide the truth, the more conspicuous it became.

    Lei Yong wasnt a fool.

    He raised an eyebrow. "Are you plotting to leave the family?"

    "Im not." Bai Jing shook her head.

    She cannot afford to let him know that she was going abroad. She would be safe once she leaves.

    She would never come back.

    They finally got to the first floor where the main doors were.

    Bai Jings phone suddenly vibrated. She fumbled for her phone and glanced at the screen. She narrowed her eyes and frowned before stashing her phone away.

    And she hastened her footsteps.

    Lei Yong sensed that Bai Jing was hiding something and he snatched her bag away. "Let me see who that is."